Bowl Games: What a Scam!

Rock HardersContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

How many of these meaningless bowl games do we need to have?  Some of these games are so boring sometimes I wish I could watch reruns of the XFL on Beta Max. Oh look, "She Hates Me" is running for another touchdown.  Hopefully, they'll have the Monistat 7 Bowl game to cure the itch for more bowl games.

Now I understand schools need money for stuff.  That's why we're subjected to watching a zillion bowl games on TV.  The kind of bowl games where corporate sponsors give millions of dollars to the schools and the schools in return give nothing to the players. 

Now I know what you're thinking,  Students get a free education, room and board, etc. etc. etc.

But I'd say if a school makes it to one of those meaningless bowl games, then the school has to give a little monetary compensation to their players with a free education.  I'm not talking about a lot of money, just a little.  Also, I never heard of education costing a million dollars.  It's not like these kids are studying Quantum Physics.  I'm not saying their dumb, I'm just saying their not building a space station in their doom room.  So let's talk about how the player makes some money.

For example, there should be a pay scale.  So lets say if a player makes a solo tackle he gets $100, if a player rushes for a 100 yards give him $200, and so on and so forth. And lets make it interesting, don't give a check to the player after the game.  Pay him in cash on the sidelines so the commentators can talk about during the game.  I can just hear them now: "that coach just peeled off two "C" notes for that kid's great play!"

I think it would be fun to watch these games and it sure makes beer go down a lot better. It will be fun for the whole family.