Kevin Nash Is the Most Boring Wrestler Currently on TV; Now Get Rid of Him

Conchobhar O DochartaighContributor IIJanuary 8, 2012

Maybe I should bring out another comic book...
Maybe I should bring out another comic book...

Seriously. Get that guy off the air, please. Kevin Nash has had his day.

He was, in my opinion, a competent (bordering on average) wrestler, but he did have some good rivalries and good matches in his day.

And there’s the key point: In his day. It really is time to hang up the boots.

Now, I am sure he is a nice guy, and I understand HHH wanting to look after his boys. I have no problem with HHH wanting to keep Nash in the business, but please, put him somewhere where he cannot get near a microphone. Or a turnbuckle.

In the ring, he simply doesn't have it anymore. Comebacks work if the wrestler can still wrestle (The Rock, Kane (presumably), Jericho etc.). To further irritate the viewers, watching his promos is kind of sad, as I get the impression that Nash genuinely considers himself a future Hall of Fame inductee.

He seems a bit desperate for us to believe him as well, and that just isn't happening.

I really don’t think anyone else is convinced, as one of the best promos of last year was CM Punk reading a text from his little sister in which she thought Nash was dead. This was not only funny (legit or not), but also believable. So believable, in fact, that you can even see Nash trying not to laugh after Punk burns him.

Providing Punk with material for his (quality) promos is about all he has done since he came back. His rivalry with HHH has been long, drawn out and boring, especially the promos. John Laurinaitis texting people? Who wants to see that? It adds nothing to the program, nothing to the PPV's and nothing to either wrestler.

It kills the momentum of a show so much that it almost feels like HHH is humouring him.

I am also going to hijack my own article to draw attention to the fact that the sledgehammer is a terrible weapon. It's limited and unrealistic. However, that is irrelevant for the time being.

I hope that Nash finishes his "last big push" before retirement, which is what I sincerely hope this is.