Peyton Manning Adds to Postseason Losses

Lou KContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

Peyton Manning did not plan it this way. 

His defense allowed just six passing touchdowns this season.  The fewest ever in the NFL since changing to the 16 game season. 

He finished off the regular season with a nine game win streak, and the NFL MVP. 

However, as a playoff quarterback Manning has added to his sub-par performances.  As great as his accolades are, he has accumulated a lousy 7-8 post-season record.  Most recently, against a Chargers pass defense that was ranked 31st out of 32 teams, Manning managed just one touchdown, and could not put the Chargers away even with the ball, the lead, and under two minutes left in the game. 

Manning's production and win drop off in the postseason has always been his main detraction when comparing him to all-time greats like Montana, Brady, and Bradshaw.  This first round outing by the Charges will only continue to hinder this portion of his legacy.