Jack Wilson Video: Watch MLB Star Kick Football to Jet Skier in Stride

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2012

Free agent MLB star Jack Wilson showed that if he doesn't have a future in baseball he could carve out a fine career in the NFL as a place kicker.

It's hard to tell if this video is doctored or not considering the ball goes out of the frame for a short time before falling directly into the hands of the passing jet skier, but either way the 34-year-old infielder's form as he strikes the ole pigskin is near flawless.

Although some credit has to go to the holder who made sure to get the ball down and the laces out, Wilson is the star of this YouTube gem.

At 6'0", 190 pounds Wilson has ideal kicker size, and that accuracy won't go unnoticed by some struggling NFL franchises this spring. 

A part of me likes to believe that Wilson made this video as a joke to Monday night's BCS National Championship Game between field goal-happy LSU and Alabama.

If an MLB second baseman can hit a speeding jet skier in stride then what does that say about a college football powerhouse missing four field goals in a game?

What makes this so impressive—if real—is that there are no soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs or bats involved, no hoops and no nets, just a circus like scenario for an underrated ball player to take advantage of. 

If you forgot Jack Wilson existed, you now know the truth. 


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