Bill O'Brien: What Do We Have at Penn State?

Aaron McKinneyCorrespondent IIIApril 11, 2017

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Quarterback coach Bill O'Brien (C) talks to (L-R) Brian Hoyer #8, head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots in the third quarter of the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Gillette Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Bill O'Brien is officially the new head coach at Penn State. Let the post-Paterno era begin.

Alright, I admit that, when I first heard that this guy was the top choice, I wasn't thrilled. Then I started to look at his resume and what he's done most recently with the New England Patriots.

I realize EVERY Bill Belichik assistant that has left the nest has failed, and that absolutely scares me to death. It's like the "Madden Curse"; we'll see if he is the one who breaks it.

I really like his energy, and if there is one aspect that has been lacking at Penn State for the past 15 years, it's energy.

Joe Paterno has been lifeless since his last undefeated season, in 1994.

O'Brien will change that.

He also has no problem with telling anybody when they have messed up. Remember the sideline fight between him and future-Hall of Famer Tom Brady?

I don't know about you, but when Mike McQueary had to yell at players, it really lost all it's meaning.

O'Brien has already retained Larry Johnson. Penn State can continue to dominate on the defensive line, and Johnson can continue to dominate recruiting in the DC-Baltimore metro.

Chances are that Ron Vanderlinden, who coached with O'Brien at Maryland, will also retain his position. That also is a recruiting boost.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind if the entire defensive staff remains intact.

The offensive side should be a different story.

Essentially, Galen Hall has been replaced by Charles Strong. I know Hall was co-offensive coordinator, but I don't see him staying, by his accord or O'Brien's.

I would also be blown away if Jay Paterno landed on this staff. I believe this is Jay's chance at a new beginning.

And, as well as Mike McQueary performed as recruiting coordinator, his plate may be too full with the ongoing Sandusky trial.

I wouldn't have any issues with the rest of the offensive assistants remaining, but we'll see what the new head man thinks.

As for Tom Bradley, I like him, but it may be better for all parties involved if he were to start fresh.

In terms of recruiting, O'Brien is moving in the right direction with the staff he's assembling. Being associated with Belichik and the Patriots will do wonders. I expect to see the same defenders and more talented offensive skill players moving forward.

I would also expect to see an installation of a pro-style, West Coast offense.

O'Brien came in and handled everything the way you hope your new coach would. As I said, I was at first apprehensive, but he's swaying me.

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