Seattle Seahawks: What Should the Seahawks Do with Charlie Whitehurst?

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIJanuary 8, 2012

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 30:  Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst #6 of the Seattle Seahawks passes against the Cincinnati Bengals at CenturyLink Field on October 30, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Charlie Whitehurst was brought in with the mindset that he would the quarterback of the future.  They gave up so much for him, how could he not be?

So far things haven't gone Whitehurst's way, he has become the, "clipboard-holding Jesus" of the Seattle Seahawks.

Oh sure, he's shown flashes of brilliance, eg. his start against the Rams that sent the Seahawks to the playoffs, but that's all it's been, just flashes.

The reality is, the Seahawks have a long-term plan, and Whitehurst isn't in it.

There is a high probability that Seattle will bring in another quarterback this offseason to compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job.  It will either be through the draft, or they will sign Matt Flynn.

If that happens, then what happens to Whitehurst?  Does he become the third-string quarterback?  Even $4 million is too much to pay for a guy that's holding the clipboard.

Whitehurst has become sort of a fan favorite in the Northwest.  When things aren't going well, the 12th man wants to give Whitehurst a chance.

I'm personally surprised he wasn't even given a chance to compete for the starting job last offseason, it was all Jackson from the moment he signed.

When Whitehurst has played this season, he hasn't exactly lit up the scoreboard.  He performed pathetically against a mediocre Browns defense Week 7, throwing for under a 100 yards in an ugly 6-3 loss.

Other than that one start, Whitehurst has been largely irrelevant ever since his start against the Rams.

Whitehurt's time in Seattle may have run out, and I think it's time that the Seahawks and Whitehurst go their separate ways.

Whitehurst will continue to be the clipboard-holding Jesus as long as he's in a Seahawks uniform.