WWE: The Next Great Heel Faction?

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WWE: The Next Great Heel Faction?

While there isn't much the WWE has given its fans to be excited about of late, outside of the returns of legendary performers such as Kane and Y2J, one thing cannot be denied:

The WWE is finally getting good at identifying and pushing the proper young talents.  We've seen men like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes take great strides of late when it comes to getting noticed and getting pushed. 

Wade Barrett recently came out on top (for now) in a feud with the nearly indefatigable Randy Orton. Dolph Ziggler, even though a tainted victory, still surprised many by defeating CM Punk in only the second portion of his gauntlet match (something that rarely happens) .

Cody Rhodes came out as the clear victor of the Booker T/Cody Rhodes feud, and then topped it off with a fantastic backstage promo with his brother Dustin that really highlighted just how far the already-promising superstar has come on the mic. 

(Quote me: "Cody Rhodes is the future."  I've said it from the moment he debuted.)

There's one problem with this, however: All of the talents that are stepping up and standing out, right now, are heels.  

Even when one considers Daniel Bryan's heel turn, (Which if you ever watched him as a heel in the indies, you know is going to be fantastic, despite initial concerns some fans may have), Mark Henry's shocking improvement since being made a true main eventer and given the title, and even Hunico's repeated excellent performances in the ring, all the guys standing out are heels.  

And if there is one sure way to make a show boring, it's to have a heel-heavy program, where not many people have anything to do beyond wrestling typical matches.  

Fortunately, The Royal Rumble is just around the corner.  As such, everyone has something to do for the time being.  

But, what about beyond the Royal Rumble?   

I'm sure WWE "Creative" has stellar plans for each of these fine talents that are distinguishing themselves, for beyond the Rumble. Something along the lines of: "Wrestle match. Cut promo about how good he is. Attack random face. Wrestle match. Repeat."

But now would be a great time to go beyond the usual, cyclical, mundane, unchanging, repetitive, never-ending, eternal program and truly switch things up. 

With so many heels running around, what better move to make than to form the next great heel stable?  There hasn't been a great stable in the WWE since the days of Evolution.  Nexus possibly could have become one, but "Creative" had other plans (Like burying them for no reason).

Now, I've already gone in depth a few times in previous articles about the benefits of an organized and elite faction or two in a pro-wrestling promotion.  (Instant storyline, makes top stars look powerful, gives mid-carders more attention, gives feuds more flavor, allow faces to step up and become heroes, etc...) So, I won't go over that in detail.

But, I would like to take a look at some of the men who could possibly form a group of elite and near-elite heels that could join forces to shake up things in the WWE and give faces something better to do than spend their time saving Hornswoggle or turning heel themselves. 

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