Strikeforce Results: Did Robbie Lawler Just Save His Job?

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 8, 2012


Fans just can't be sure which Robbie Lawler is going to show up.  Is it going to be the man who gets knocked out after being outclassed by his opponents, or the man who has one-punch KO power who surges forward like one man blitz?

It can be frustrating for anyone trying to bet on him, but for fans who just enjoy fights, there is nothing better.  Lawler's punching power has given him more TV time and main-event slots than have been afforded to other fighters.

The only catch is that it also meant stepping up in competition.

Lawler is a talented if limited fighter who wins until he faces off against top competition.  He has just enough power and skill to stop inexperienced fighters or those who have the same skillset minus Lawler's power.

Lawler had done enough to impress fans and his promoter to get fights against Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza and Tim Kennedy, who are both elite fighters.

He lost both fights without question and was even submitted by Souza.

The fight tonight against Adlan Amagov might have been the last straw.  If he had lost he would have been 0-3 in all of 2011 and at the start of 2012.

Lawler could have been in trouble even if he had gotten the win without the exciting finish.  He isn't known to be the most technical fighter.  Just one who gives fans exciting knockouts and slugfests.  There is a good chance his paycheck reflects that status as well.

For a fighter who isn't seen to be elite, but gives a good show and makes their money that way there is nothing worse than losing a few fights in a row.  It could mean that each fight was close and that the fighter in question just came up short.


Usually it means that they are on the decline.

Lawler is only 29, but it wouldn't be too soon for it to happen.

That is because every time a fighter has a fun scrap it takes years off their career.  Fighting is stressful and a fighter who is always coming back from the brink puts even more of that stress on themselves.

Lawler was able to show tonight that he hasn't reached that point yet.  It will come one day for him like it does for all fighters and even athletes, but it wasn't going to be the end just yet.

So Lawler's first gift of the new year is a revitalized career and a finish that will get him bigger fights and maybe another shot in the UFC.

From being on Strikeforce's chopping block to now being talked about again, that is a pretty good turn around.

Now let's see if Lawler can keep the momentum going.