Strikeforce Results: Why the UFC Needs King Mo

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 8, 2012


King Mo was able to not only beat Lorenz Larkin, but do so via savage ground-and-pound.  It is the best weapon for any accomplished wrestler to finish fights with, and that is exactly what Mo did.

So who does he face next?

He could fight in the light heavyweight division and take a rematch with Gegard Mousasi.  It is a fight that fans might want to see thanks to Mo's strong showing.

He could fight for the title even if it doesn't mean as much after being vacated by Dan Henderson.

No matter what he does next he could become a staple of Showtime and be one of the premium cable channel's most promotable stars.

And it would be a waste of his talents.

Mo is already 30 years old, and even though wrestlers and MMA fighters in general have longer careers, he is still hitting his prime now.  It will only be for a few years and the UFC is the best promotion to take advantage of that.

But there are plenty of talented fighters out there who have their primes pass without a call from Joe Silva, the matchmaker for the UFC.  So why should Mo get such special treatment?

Mo is a great fighter and a former champion and, above all, he knows something that precious few fighters ever learn to do properly.

He knows how to promote himself.

A fight between the two would be exciting.
A fight between the two would be exciting.Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

It doesn't matter what fight he is in, fans know that Mo is going to say something outrageous and bring a flash of pro wrestling that he seems to openly acknowledge enjoying.

The UFC may try to distance themselves from any connection to pro wrestling, but both are entertainment based and both use some of the same techniques to win crowds.  For all of UFC president Dana White's bluster on how the two are different, he knows this to be true.

It is why Chael Sonnen is in so many media events.  It's why Brock Lesnar got a rocket strapped to him and to the heavyweight title.

Mo has the same star quality that could make a lot of money for both the UFC and himself.

He even has a ready-made feud waiting for him when he gets there, and it's against one of the UFC's biggest trash-talkers.

He has a verbal war going with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.  Neither can stand the other and even the slightest meeting between them bring sparks and news stories.

The fight might be worth watching, but the buildup would be can't-miss TV.

The fight would easily be a pay-per-view main event with a healthy buy rate.

It would be entertaining, and if tonight proved anything, it could also be competitive.

In MMA, there is no better argument for a why a fight should happen, and in the end, there shouldn't have to be.