Philadelphia 76ers: How Far Can They Can Go This Season?

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2012

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The Philadelphia 76ers just defeated the Toronto Raptors in a blowout, 97-62, making their start to the season even more appealing. But let's take a deeper look, huh? If they keep playing like this, just how far can they go this year? It's an intriguing question, so let's try to break this down.

Ninety-seven points scored against the Raptors, and no player recorded more than 14. Wait...what? Yes, that is a true statement. It just goes to show you how unselfish and spread out this team is.

Fact: The Sixers are outscoring opponents by 15.3 points per game.

This not only has to do with their offense, but the defensive game as well. Currently, the Sixers rank as the best defense in the NBA, holding teams to just 85.5 points per game. On top of that, they have the third ranked offense, scoring 101.5 points per game.

Impressive from a team who has nine players 25 years old or younger, wouldn't you say?

One of the most interesting things about this team, that only very few other teams can relate to, is that they don't have one go-to superstar. The thing is, though, they are still winning games and playing real basketball.

It is very rare to find a game when only one player does the majority of the work (like a lot of teams nowadays). Basketball is a team sport and the Sixers define it so well.

Fact: The Sixers are the best fourth quarter team in the NBA, scoring more than 30 points per quarter.

That is a special title to have, especially knowing that they do not have a superstar. They pretty much go with the guy who is hot during the game. Yet, they still show up at the most important time of the game, one aspect that not all teams can do.

True, when it comes down to real crunch time the Sixers have trouble sometimes finishing, but they are still young. Look at what they are doing now and just picture how much better they can get in a couple years.

It's scary.

Each player has his own role and does his best to flourish in it. As a team, they all share the ball and play unselfishly. No player on this team cares about the individual stats.

Everybody is contributing, everybody is playing defense, everybody is contesting shots and making all the right plays on offense. It's been a true team effort.

This team has heart, and a lot of it. They have talent and they have showed they want to win more than any other team in this league. The Sixers have the fourth seed right now and are leading the division with a lot of games left to play and a lot to prove to other teams.

So just how far can they go?

Well as you can tell, this team has a lot of capabilities, and just when you think they have reached the top, they do something else to show they are that much better.