Roger Federer's Top 10 Australian Open Performances Ever

Jeff Cohn@jeff_cohnCorrespondent IIIJanuary 9, 2012

Roger Federer's Top 10 Australian Open Performances Ever

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    Roger Federer has won the Australian Open four times in his career: in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2010.

    Despite the tournament being the second-most challenging major for him, he has pulled through close matches and prevailed in dominant showings as well.

    With the 2012 Australian Open drawing close, it will be interesting to see how Federer performs and if his rivals have the firepower to take him on again.

    Although he played great matches against Marat Safin and Rafael Nadal, for example, in Melbourne, he ultimately lost those battles.

    Here are the Maestro's top 10 performances at the Australian Open that helped him move further in the draw or win the title.

10. Feds Beats Giant-Killer Gonzo

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    Fernando Gonzalez played a phenomenal tournament in '07, taking out Rafael Nadal in straight sets on his way to the final.

    In his first grand slam final ever, he managed to rise to the occasion, or so it seemed.

    With two set points on his own serve, Gonzo squandered away the opportunities and Federer never backed down once after that.

    The Swiss superstar won in straight sets in the last Aussie Open to be played on a green hard-court surface.

9. Federer Takes Davydenko out of His Rhythm

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    Nikolay Davydenko came out with guns blazing around this time: He had won the ATP World Tour Finals and had beaten Federer in the same event.

    The clean-ball-striking Russian was playing sublime tennis, taking the first set of their 2010 Australian Open match incredibly comfortably.

    But Federer kept his head up and was determined to make yet another straight semifinal appearance in a slam. Once the sunlight began to subside during the match, it seemed to be all over for Davydenko.

    Roger ran off an incredible string of points and made his opponent look like a mere junior.

    Eventually, Davydenko picked his game up in a very tight fourth set, but Roger pulled through once more and closed out in stunningly good fashion.

8. Two Legends Going at It

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    Of course, at this time, Andre Agassi had more majors under his belt than did the current No. 1 player in the world.

    However, Roger was determined to show Andre that his days as a slam winner were winding down and that a new champion was in town.

    He pulled off ridiculous gets in this match, displaying lightning-quick agility and outstanding flexibility in not only his wrists, but his body as a whole.

7. Rog Flips the Final on Its Head

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    Marcos Baghdatis was up a set and a break (and even a chance to go up a double break) in this match, and Roger Federer turned masterclass mode on.

    Roger ran off an extraordinary 19 out of 24 games to capture the title.

6. Federer Silences Murray's Hopes...Again

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    Andy Murray managed to beat Rafael Nadal in the prior rounds of the 2010 Australian Open to finally get another chance to play in a title match.

    Unfortunately, the man he would face in the final would be the same man as usual: Roger Federer.

    Roger proved that he was back (for the moment) by continuing his successes from 2009, which included reaching each grand slam final whilst winning the French Open for the first time and also Wimbledon.

    Feds denied the Scot a set in a major once again.

5. Roger Serves Andy Roddick a Plate of Masterclass Again

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    The "again" in the title of this slide refers to the fact that this was the second time the two athletes faced each other at this semifinal stage, and both times went entirely Federer's way.

    The points speak for themselves, and [spoiler alert] No. 3 in this slideshow exhibits the other masterclass against Roddick.

4. Feds Puts the Dream on His Back, Though

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    If anybody gets the reference from the witty slide title and likes it, please feel free to praise me below. If you think it is unoriginal, please do not write below (I am only kidding—tell me if you hate it, too).

    Roger had never lost prior to the semifinals in a slam in over five years.

    He was not going to let Tomas Berdych of all people stop him in his tracks.

    He won the match in promising style and seemed to be on his way to winning the title—until he faced his arch-rival, Rafael Nadal, where he let the fifth set determine his fateful outcome.

3. Federer Says, "A-Rod? You Mean the Baseball Player?"

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    Jokes, jokes. Roger never said that, but imagine if he did! Andy Roddick would despise him...oh, wait.

    Rog made a statement in this match and proved he would not back down, taking the title in straight sets as well.

2. Federer Puts the Beatdown on One of His Biggest Fans

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    This masterclass showing was perhaps the most unusual of all.

    Juan Martin del Potro, who admitted that Roger Federer was one of his biggest idols, came into the match with what appeared to be a lack of a game plan.

    Roger took advantage of this and did not allow the hard-hitter to play the match on his terms.

    The Maestro double-bageled the eighth seed—now that is something you do not see everyday...or ever.

1. Glandular Fever, a Great Opponent, and Serving Second in the Fifth Set

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    Roger Federer overcame an array of obstacles in this match.

    He nearly lost prior to the semifinals: something he hates doing!

    Even when Janko Tipsarevic played to the best of his abilities and was extremely "on," and even when Roger Federer faced adversity on many different levels, he prevailed and showed how rock-solid he could be in the fifth set.

    Much credit should be given to Tipsarevic for his effort, but more credit should be attributed to Roger's status as a winner, and he himself surely did not disappoint here, either.