Miami Dolphins: Matt Deserves a Little Moore

Kevin RyanContributor IIIJanuary 7, 2012

Of the top 16 Quarterbacks, only Matt Moore, ranked 12, seems to be viewed as a potential non-starter for next year.
Of the top 16 Quarterbacks, only Matt Moore, ranked 12, seems to be viewed as a potential non-starter for next year.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I keep glancing at the articles coming out about the Dolphins, and I haven't seen it yet. Why? Why wouldn't someone come out and say it?

Everyone seems to have something to say about who can be the Dolphins quarterback next year [Matt Flynn, some rookie, somebody?]. I am certainly guilty of generalizing here, but the vibe I am hearing is that Matt Moore could be the starting QB next year if "such and such" doesn't happen.

"If nothing else," Matt Moore "might even" get the job as a full-time starter again, and other comments of this nature.

I'm a big Miami Dolphins fan, and I like the idea of Matt Moore as a building block. Matt Moore has a career winning record. Matt Moore compiled a 6-3 record as a starter in the team's last nine games.

Moore seemed to bring the "X-factor" to the offense, call it a spark, call it whatever you want to, but I know that Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall truly emerged as Moore became more comfortable in the scheme of the Dolphins offense.

When he stepped back and threw deep, I began to feel the completion before it would happen, in a comfort zone not unlike the days of Griese and Marino. Something I have not seen in the offense in a long time.

Now, of course, whether he ever actualizes this kind of talent over time, remains to be seen, as is the ability to win close games in the fourth quarter. That's a notch Moore doesn't have...yet. Let's not forget, this is his first year with this team and system.

A winning franchise stems from a winning mentality. The Dolphins mindset, from what I can sense, seems to be a desire for a franchise quarterback. This is all well and good, but I feel It's imperative to balance out the reality of things, as 32 teams want to either acquire one or keep the one they already have.

Some fans have even mused over the possibility of trading a Jake Long and our first-rounder and moving up if possible. I'm not sure I am sold on this idea. If I am building a team, the idea of keeping the all-pro left tackle, Matt Moore and player X [whatever non-quarterback Miami drafts] sounds viable to me.

If Miami does draft a quarterback early, I believe it's very important that they don't view Moore as a stop-gap quarterback. If the Dolphins can get a good quarterback at a good value and they go ahead and draft him, let him sit while we find out if Moore has what it takes for the long-term and then we can re-evaluate the situation in terms of trade value.

This is a pivotal year for Miami; they can regress or they can progress. The best thing that a new coach can do right now is to see how Miami won six of their last nine games this year, and to harness it, and keep it and make it bigger.

The reason Miami did not win more games this year is simple: the team was not ripe. It's probably safe to say that the shortened preseason hurt them more than most teams. I'm sure that the second half of the season is a much closer gauge on where the team is at.

In short, the team is not broken now, don't try to fix it as if it was. This team can be a winner right now. Let a new coach who comes in to interview say that, and that's the guy I want to hire. Not the big names, necessarily, and certainly not someone who wants to reinvent and start from scratch.

I'm counting on Moore.