WWE: The Top 5 Mid-Card Pushes Today That Everyone Is Ignoring

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WWE: The Top 5 Mid-Card Pushes Today That Everyone Is Ignoring
Everybody is talking about this guy! Image Courtesy of: kupywrestlingwallpapers.info

WWE is filled with young stars. In fact, it is overflowing with talent that many cry are being underutilized.

Sure, there are many legitimate claims to this. Drew McIntyre was at the forefront of the youth movement for months until WWE suddenly derailed him at such a level that we rarely see him compete.

At the same time though, McIntyre seems to be finally getting his due on SmackDown for those who watched last week which caused a massive wave of people harping that McIntyre was back.

In fact, while I like McIntyre and am really happy for his new chance, I couldn't believe the outpouring of attention to the angle.

Other stars who have gained pushes that are constantly noticed include Mason Ryan (because he is the typical big man), Zack Ryder (because he is now the new Internet darling), and Daniel Bryan (because who doesn't love his story?).

In this sea of love for certain pushes, many people completely disregard other pushes that are happening around them. In fact, some people have completely shot down angles that push these stars as pointless.

It is amazing to see this strange short-sightedness. If the barely held push of Ryan is so big, why do those same people ignore real pushes happening all around them?

The following are five rising superstars that barely anyone is talking about as they continue becoming more prevalent.

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