Mark Sanchez: Do the New York Jets Baby Him?

Jason RadowitzContributor IIIJanuary 6, 2012

Before the 2011-12 season began, Rex Ryan guaranteed that his Jets were the better New York team. He guaranteed the Jets had the best talent of any other team he has coached. Most of all, he guaranteed that the Jets would make the Super Bowl.

No guarantee was validated this season, and everything came back to bite the loudmouth Jets head coach.

The Jets ended the season on a terrible note losing to the Giants and Dolphins, in which both games were "must-wins." In the first two seasons that Ryan coached the Jets, he made it to back-to-back AFC Championship games. This year, a record of 8-8 was not good enough to make the AFC Championship, or better yet, the postseason.

Brian Schottenheimer was probably the most criticized staff member, barely beating the head coach. Many analysts started to prove that the play-calling by Schottenheimer was awful this season.

Fans started catching on, which put more pressure on Schottenheimer than ever. He didn't and couldn't come through for the offense this year. But how about the other two years? His play calling wasn't stupid then, but they were ultimately the same plays, with a little more Wildcat with Brad Smith.

So what is really the reason? The Jets baby Sanchez.

Yeah, baby him as a rookie, but now he has been in the league for three full seasons. It's time for the Jets to allow Sanchez to grow.

On throwing plays, every play is designed to go to one player, and only that one player. Sanchez isn't Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, so he can't read the defense like in a Madden game, but you've got to give him more freedom.

There are so many questions about why Sanchez always gets sacked, and why he always throws interceptions. The reason is because if that one receiver is not open, he doesn't have enough time to find another player. So he'll throw it to the covered receiver anyway or take the brutal sacks.

Also, the Jets went away from the ground-and-pound style of football they played in those other two seasons.

This season they had an average of just 105.8 yards per game on the ground. In Ryan's first year as head coach, in 2009, the Jets averaged 172.3 yards per game on the ground and in 2010, they averaged 148.4 yards on the ground.

Brian Schottenheimer is giving more duties to Sanchez, but he won't give Sanchez more freedom.

The Jets need to continue to do work on the ground, but also give Sanchez more options and let him adapt to being a better quarterback.

Many Giants fans know what everyone said about Eli in his first years. He didn't play too well, but now he is becoming a star. It's time to make Sanchez the star he very well can be.

Now, I do believe Schottenheimer will be the Jets' offensive coordinator this upcoming season. ESPN's Rich Cimini says that he is on his way to Jacksonville to interview, but really, if he can't make Sanchez into a good quarterback, what makes you think he'll make Blaine Gabbert better?

This season was a disaster, but the Jets have all the pieces on this team to be successful.

Sanchise is the Franchise, but only if they let him grow.