WWE Personified: A Tribute to Captain Charisma—Christian

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIJanuary 10, 2012

WWE Personified: A Tribute to Captain Charisma—Christian

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    In wrestling, fans each connect themselves with a certain person. That relationship can be on a personal level or from a spectator's point of view.

    William Reso, better known as Christian, is living the story of many children dreaming of performing on the big stage. Once a young adult enrolling in a wrestling school, to a man whom has lived his destiny and personal goals.

    A pure marksman of the sport, Christian has done and seen it all. More recently, he has found his stride and became one of Smackdown's best heels and finally captured his first major title in World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Disregarding all of the accolades, there are not many other people who could put on a spectacle quite like Christian.

    The fans call him Captain Charisma for a reason.  

    Along with his best friend Edge (Adam Copeland), the two took the wrestling industry by storm and became one of the best tag-teams to ever wrestle in any business. Titles are one thing, but chemistry bonds teams forever.

    Today marks the fourth edition of my Personification series. Before Christian, I completed a tribute to Eddie Guerrero, Edge and Shawn Michaels.

    This goes out to a man that gives it his all in the ring and to his family as well. In this piece, I will again be discussing the man behind the entertainer, his impact on the business, how he became a beloved wrestler and a kind "thank you" for his contributions.

    Let's start out with...

A Personal Side of William Jason Reso

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    The name Christian came from his earlier wrestling name, Christian Cage, which was a spur of the moment combination of the names of the actors, Nicholas Cage and Christian Slater.

    If it wasn't for his best friend Adam Copeland (Edge), we might not have seen Reso inside a WWE ring.

    Copeland had a tryout match with World Wrestling Entertainment around the late 1990's, against Reso.

    Both of them put on a spectacle, but Copeland was offered a position to be a full-time wrestler. Not much time passed and Edge put in a good word for Christian, who then signed a WWF contract to create one of the best and most controversial tag-team of all time: Edge and Christian.

    Unlike most tag-teams in the present day, Edge and Christian had this bond that could never be broken. It was more of a brotherhood, rather than just a teammate.

    Chemistry oozed from both men as one knew where the other was at all times.

    Reso's character after the E&C days consisted of a cocky, arrogant and often times "Charasmatic" heel. Thus dubbing himself "Captain Charisma".

    He personified excellence and a true character outside of the ring allowed him to eventually return early in 2009 on ECW.

    Just like Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and Edge, William Reso loved what he did and was damn good at it. What point am I trying to get at exactly?

    Well, a wrestler's impact on the business is more important to themselves, than any championship belt or ring. Which is why Christian helped...

Helped Revitalize the Tag-Team Division and Made a Mark That Will Always Last

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    Tag-teams have always been an important and vital piece to any wrestling organization. Unlike the past few years, World Wrestling centered some of their programming around the tag-team division itself.

    Edge and Christian, the Dudleyz and the Hardy Boyz were the staple of tag-team wrestling.

    Christian, along with Edge, left a mark that will never be surpassed or broken. It is that bond I previously mentioned which allowed them to make our jaws drop.

    Any of the following match lay proof to that claim.

    1. SummerSlam 1999: The tag-team turmoil match, in which they lost to the Acolytes.
    2. WrestleMania 2000: The triple-ladder match with the Dudleyz and the Hardy Boyz
    3. WrestleMania X-Seven: The triple threat TLC match against the Dudleyz and the Hardy Boyz

    Those are only a couple of examples when Christian and Edge put on a show for the ages.

    In previous articles, I have examined what it takes to become a professional wrestler. Especially starting from ground zero and landing right on top. Injuries, adversity and many problems arise in the business. Any wrestler can attest to that claim.

    What makes one a "one-of-a-kind" performer is the heart he or she possesses in the squared circle. All cliches aside, passion is key.

    It's a tricky subject, that being passion. One can attain all of the information needed and not perform, while the opposite occurs just as frequently. Christian contained both and was never afraid to show it off.

    He certainly put on a show every time he wrestled. Especially at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view this past year, the feel good story I mentioned earlier, finally came true.

He Finally Won the Big One

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    It's not often you find a friend,
    Who could read your mind and soul.
    One who could lead and also follow,
    The path you chose to go.

    Near 2006, Edge was finally on his way to becoming the star and Hall of Famer he is. Christian, however was still in the mid-card, stealing the show with his outstanding wrestling technique.

    At WrestleMania 27, Edge wrestled his last match against Alberto Del Rio and defended the World Heavyweight Championship. He vacated it and a 20-man battle royal was put into place as to who would face Del Rio for the title at Extreme Rules.

    Christian won that battle royal and was now on the way to winning the big one. Never before had Christian held a major championship in WWE, but on one day, the story of a man who devoted the last 13 years to professional wrestling finally did the unthinkable.

    Performing in a ladder match against Del Rio, it was near the conclusion of the match and Edge appeared out of nowhere, distracting Del Rio on top of the ladder.

    Christian pushed the ladder over, causing Alberto to fall to the floor. Edge came running up the ramp as William Reso grabbed the world title. If you want to watch the "feel good" moment again, please enjoy it.

    On the first day of May, two brothers celebrated in the ring and professional characters were left out of the equation and personal emotions filled the atmosphere. Tears were spread and laughs were shared. The true winners were the fans that day as a kid from Ontario, Canada lived his dream.

    He finally won the big one.

Thank You Captain Charisma

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    Now, I realize that Christian is in the latter stages of his career, as he will 39 in November.

    From his time with the Brood and the partnership with Edge, transcending into his singles career; he always put on an incredible show. That's why I believe he is deserving of a tribute such as this.

    The man was never taken as a top guy, but wrestled like one.

    It happened with two of the top guys to ever wrestle in the business: Edge and Shawn Michaels. It took HBK a long time to win his first major championship in WWE. The same goes with Edge, who didn't win one until 2006.

    Stars take time and Christian waited 13 long years to capture what he wanted since he watched WrestleMania Seven with Copeland all those ages ago.

    Thank you to a man that never complained. A sign of a true worker is the attitude to where he is at in his line of work. Whether it is a worker on Superstars or wrestling the main event of WrestleMania, Christian always pushed himself to improve.

    B/R writer Chinmay and I discuss being satisfied with being a writer. I can't say that I will ever be satisfied, because there is no perfect writer and I am certainly nowhere close to a lineage of perfection.

    William Jason Reso worked his butt off and still does to this very hour. Only due to the fact that satisfaction only leads to minimum success. Never be satisfied and striving for success will come with time.

    Thirteen years it took Christian to capture the World Heavyweight Championship and has skyrocketed to the main event of Smackdown since that time.

    Currently injured, Reso will come back as good as ever, maybe even better. All I recognize from a man who put on spectacles before my very eyes, is the day that he returns, expect a man who will give it his all and never be satisfied.

    Because, in the words of Captain Charisma himself (wwemytopix.com)


    Cause that's how I roll!


"This Is for All My Peeps out There!"

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    Some people believe that Christian is not worthy for a tribute such as this. However, if a story such as this was unwilling of such a piece, why is it not privileged to praise someone who deserves such a thing?

    Mr. Reso has paid the dues, to become a World Champion in the later stages of his career. Like all fairytale endings, his best friend Adam Copeland, was there to witness something extraordinary to every wrestling fan in the world.

    I would love your opinions and feedback on this article, as I paid tribute to one of the best the business have the opportunity to witness.

    Have a great day everyone and remember...


    I got 3 C's, Canada, Charisma and CHRISTIAN!!