What a Slap Fest, Rangers Lose 2-1 to Caps

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

Another game, yet another embarrassing loss. The Rangers continued their trend of sucking tonight, losing to the Caps 2-1.

As a team ,they played with little to no emotion, despite the two fights. Well, one fight and one slap and tickle with Alexander Semin (here). Sure, Glen Sather made some poor personnel decisions this summer, but other teams do a lot more with significantly less than what the Rangers have.

This team simply does not play with any passion. They seem to float around the ice and go through the motions. They seem indifferent to losing. Someone needs to light a fire under this team's ass and straighten things out.

They need to have a sense of urgency, they can't be complacent. A few more losses and they may not even be in the playoff picture.

Watching this team play the past month or so has been like dropping the soap in the Essex County Jail, long, painful, and not the least bit enjoyable (except for whomever the Rangers are playing).

-Alexander Ovechkin once again showed he's the best player in the world. But what was impressive was Marc Staal's play against him. He was physical, he took away Ovechkin's space, and did a nice job against him. Staal was one of the few Rangers players who actually had a good game.

-The f'ing power play. Another mother f'ing short-handed goal. TWELVE SHORTHANDED GOALS. It's the most embarrassing part of their game. Everyone in the league knows how horrible they are on the PP.

A perfect example is Ovy's goal tonight.

Last week at the garden, he wasn't out killing penalties against the Rangers. Tonight, he was out there for all three Rangers power plays. Our power play doesn't even remotely concern whomever the Rangers play, teams are starting to play their offensive players against their power play and more and more and more f'ing shorthanded goals are coming the Rangers way.

Their power play is like a blackhole of pain. I bet if you polled the Rangers right now if they could have the opportunity to decline a power play (like so many Rangers fans joke around at the garden about), I would bet my car that the majority would secretly say yes.

This power play needs a boost, maybe some viagra could do the trick. I dont know, but the Rangers' lack of confidence really shows when they have the extra man. They absolutely will not make the playoffs if their power play continues in this fashion.

-Petr Prucha was another Ranger that actually had a nice game. He drew two penalties that were born out of his pure hard work along the boards. He notched a nice goal off a Dubinsky pass that reminded me of his rookie year on the power play with Jagr.

A little one-timer in front of the net from a pass on the boards. Here's an idea Tom, put f'ing Prucha on the power play. It's nice to see Prucha gaining a little bit of his confidence back. Good for him.

-"I'm gunna slap you silly" That must have been what Alexander Semin said to Marc Staal when he unleashed his furry on him. He really handed out a beating with that barrage of open palm slaps. I hope Marc Staal's ok. According to Ron Duguay, the bone jarring fight was like "my sister beating me up." That beat down must have brought back some bad family memories for Dugy. You're so silly Semin. So so silly.

-Wade Redden showed why Glen Sather signed him to that big contract this summer. He has a mean right hook. His fighting skills add $6.5 million of value to the team. Fanf'ingtastic. Oh and while were on the fighting topic, Sidney Crosby had a temper tantrum tonight.

I use to think that the Rangers were a good power play away from winning a Cup. But now that Jagr's gone and the way the teams playing, I'm just no sure anymore. Especially after watching teams like Detroit, San Jose, Boston, Chicago, and yes the Capitals.

And yeah, I left the Pens out, they can sit on it.

But seriously, when will enough be enough?

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