Mike Tyson Burglarized at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

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Mike Tyson Burglarized at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

According to TMZ, someone recently broken into Mike Tyson’s Cosmopolitan hotel suite while Tyson was asleep in an attempt to rob the former heavyweight world boxing champion.

Tyson and his family were in Las Vegas for the Stevie Wonder New Year’s Eve concert, and they headed for the hotel after the affair. Tyson was awakened at night by light noise and a glimpse of a flashlight.

The intruder was never caught, as he was able to escape before anyone realized what was happening.

Maybe the robber had a knife or a gun, but if not, if Tyson got his hands on this person, I have very little doubt this individual would end up in the intensive care unit in a nearby hospital.

Temper is something that Tyson has been able to curb for the past few years, but when in danger and if his family’s well being is threatened, I feel the animal would come out and Tyson would lose it instantly.

Perhaps it was a good thing that Tyson never got to the robber—for both Tyson and the trespasser. I hope that the hotel security and management is embarrassed by this and make sure that nothing similar ever happens again, as this is a perfect way for a hotel to lose a lot of business. Imagine if Tyson was hurt in this scenario?

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