Strikeforce Should Add Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight Divisions

Chris AlfaroContributor IIIJanuary 6, 2012

After a rocky 2011 which saw Strikeforce lose many of their champions and the announcement that their heavyweight division would be dissolved, the promotion looked like it was dying.

With a new television deal on Showtime, however, it looks like Strikeforce will remain a viable company throughout 2012.

But they're awfully short on talent.

Strikeforce is much smaller than it's now sister promotion, the UFC. They put on much fewer shows, and they don't have nearly as many marketable faces. To stay viable in the new year, Strikeforce needs some big names.

The majority of the Strikeforce roster is in complete disarray. There are only four champions in seven (soon to be six) divisions. It's starting to look like they're going to have to do some serious sorting if they're going to crown new champs.

And that's why it's the perfect time to add some new weight classes.

Without their champions, it's almost as if the light heavyweight and welterweight divisions have to be built up from scratch. Fights are being set to determine who the two top dogs are and have them duke it out for the shot at the belt.

Adding the lighter weight classes now would simply make sense. Adding weight classes when the promotion is on solid foundation and organized is difficult, just ask the UFC. Adding them now would be much easier as nobody really knows what to expect of Strikeforce during this transitional period.

As Strikeforce is working to sort itself out and rebuild after a difficult year, they have a great opportunity to expand. Go lighter and find more talent. Offset the loss of one division by adding three more.

Fans love title fights and the more champions they have, the more title fights they can put on upcoming cards.

Just imagine how much more interesting future Strikeforce cards would be if each of them had two titles up for grabs on the same night. Fans would go crazy. 

If they're going to stick around, it only make sense.