Team Gracie Responds to B.J. Penn's Tweet, Penn Fires Back

First LastCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2012

Fans who thought B.J. Penn was retiring from MMA should probably expect to see the former two-division champion back in the cage again after a recent tweet regarding his last two opponents, Jon Fitch and Nick Diaz, was posted on his Twitter.

@nickdiaz209 Look how much bigger you are in this pic..I thought you were gonna scrap from the beginning homie? What was that coward fence holding strategy to tire out the smaller man? Street fighter my ass! I made you fight like glass jaw @jonfitchdotnet poser!
I’ll be ready for that weak bs next time we fight!

Diaz, a Team Gracie fighter, defeated Penn in October by a dominant unanimous decision. It was one of the most impressive performances of Diaz's career, and a picture with Penn sitting beside him after the fight showed the type of mutual respect gained from both fighters after having competed in the Octagon.

A blog post regarding the tweet from the Team Gracie website was posted Thursday and began with "Say it ain't so BJ."

At some point it is up to those around you to protect you from yourself. To take you aside and let you know you are wrong and help save you from your folly. Unfortunately for Penn he is surrounded by “Yes Men” that are unwilling to do that. The outcome will be predictable, resulting in a fighter that will never push himself to the fullest and will always have excuses for his losses.

Diaz is currently scheduled to face Carlos Condit for the interim UFC welterweight title at UFC 143. Both were scheduled to fight reigning champion Georges St-Pierre, but the Canadian superstar is recovering from a torn ACL and is likely out till 2013.

No fights have been announced for Penn, but he is still regarded as a top 10 welterweight fighter. Some will be calling for rematches with Diaz and Fitch after his message to both, but they are unlikely to happen considering Penn's lack of success in the division.

Penn recently left another tweet regarding the situation and Gracie's blog.

  Excuses?? The whole world knows I lost the fight including myself. I’m tired of you talking down to me Cesar, I hope you’re in training camp right now because the next time I see you, you  better not be “scared homie!”