Missouri Tigers: Michael Dixon Harassed by Kansas State Fans

Farzin VousoughianContributor IIIJanuary 6, 2012

COLUMBIA, MO - JANUARY 03:  Michael Dixon #11  of the Missouri Tigers in action during the game against the Oklahoma Sooners on January 3, 2012 at Mizzou Arena in Columbia, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In the world of college sports, some fans take rivalries to a personal level.

There are a lot of sports gear and Internet pages that promote bashful comments towards another team or athlete. There have been players and fans who have gone at one another, thanks to the evolution of the Internet. With Facebook and Twitter playing a big part in our society, it is not hard for players to get involved in the action.

Junior guard Michael Dixon of Missouri has been a victim of the recent fan war between Missouri and Kansas State. However, the pompous battle is not taking place through the Internet. In fact, it has gotten personal.

According to The Missourian, Dixon has received a lot of calls and text messages from Kansas State fans. Dixon has been harassed by Wildcat fans as Missouri and Kansas State meet on Saturday. How did Dixon retaliate? Not very well.

Dixon handled this issue in possibly the worst way possible. Dixon had logged on to his Facebook and Twitter page and began posting the numbers of the Kansas State fans who have been prank calling him. Dixon claims one fan sent him over 400 text messages.

While Dixon has been immaturely dragged into the high school drama, he made it worse. By posting the numbers online, Dixon wanted his followers to fight back. In cases like this, fans of opposing teams fighting over a game, through the phone, could be dangerous. With phone numbers being shared in this environment, Dixon promoted the battle off of the court.

Another thing to consider is that Dixon, obviously, plays for Missouri. By playing for the program, Dixon must understand that his public actions will be viewed closely by everyone. Dixon is not representing the Tigers in a good way right now.

While we can all understand his frustration, Dixon should not have posted the phone numbers of fans who have been badgering him on the Internet.

Today, college students, assuming these are college students calling Dixon, get too caught up in sports rivalries. With winter break coming to an end for most colleges across the nation, it is in everyone's best interest to stop the prank calling and prepare for the spring semester.