WWE Interested in Several TNA Talents, Samoa Joe Not Among Them

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2012

Photo: TNAwrestling.com
Photo: TNAwrestling.com

TWNP News is reporting that WWE officials are interested in acquiring several talents from TNA. Surprisingly, Samoa Joe is not among those being considered.

Of the names being mentioned, several of them have been WWE employees in the past. RVD, Matt Morgan, The Pope, Bully Ray and Shannon Moore are all former WWE wrestlers.

Those listed who have not been employed by WWE are Beer Money and Jesse Neal. Neal is someone who we already know is free from his TNA contract, so he could be an easier signing than the others.

WWE were interested in The Pope and Morgan last year, but Pope was under contract and Morgan decided to renew with TNA.

The most interesting name on the list is Bully Ray, as he is not known as having the best reputation backstage with WWE. Bringing him back with Devon could be a more reasonable move.

However, with Devon doing more work as an agent lately, I would think he would want to stay in TNA for the time being.

Why is WWE not interested in Samoa Joe? He is extremely talented and has a fanbase which will follow him from TNA.

The way that TNA has used Joe ever since Hogan and Bischoff came aboard has been appalling. He worked his ass off for that company to make them what they are, but he was shoved down the ladder.

The guy who once had the longest undefeated streak in TNA and has held every title in the company should get more respect than that.

WWE should jump at the chance to work with Joe. He has plenty of friends in WWE, including CM Punk, who has no doubt sung his praises many times before.

WWE's long history with Samoan wrestlers could also play a factor, and I could even see some kind of alliance or feud with the Usos happening.

Whatever WWE's reason is for not wanting Joe, they need to re-evaluate what they look for in a superstar because there is no one his size who can move like him.

If Joe is not interested in WWE then that is one thing, but I think WWE is stupid for not trying to steal Samoa Joe away from TNA a long time ago.

Would you like to see Samoa Joe in a WWE ring at some point down the line?


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