Tennessee Volunteers Should Still Target Kevin Steele for Defensive Coordinator

Daniel Hudson@daniel3417Correspondent IIIJanuary 5, 2012

I'm hearing some absolutely insane things on the airwaves today. Apparently, Clemson's defensive coordinator Kevin Steele should no longer be considered for the same position at Tennessee because of the recent Orange Bowl rout where his defense allowed 70 points to West Virginia.

That's one of the most idiotic sentiments I've ever heard. Pardon the intensity, but no other word accurately describes that viewpoint. I feel the need to clearly and concisely get the Vols fanbase back on track.

Judging any player, coach, fan, employee, boss, brother, father or human based on one instance would lead us to believe that all players are selfish, all coaches are dumb, all employees are lazy, all bosses are mean, all brothers are arrogant, all fathers are neglectful and all humans are ignorant.

Simply put, Steele is still a viable candidate for the defensive coordinator position, regardless of how terrible the Clemson defense was for three hours on January 4th.

Those who feel Clemson's performance makes Steele's candidacy null and void should logically feel that West Virginia's offensive mastermind, Dana Holgorsen, is the greatest mind since Knute Rockne.

Just last year, Tennessee fans were excited to know that Steele was coming home to Rocky Top where he played for Johnny Majors during 1978 and 1979. He would've been the defensive coordinator had Clemson not upped their contract offer. I assure you that Steele is just as good a coach if not better with yet another year of experience under his belt.

His years as an assistant under coaches Majors, Tom Osbourne, Bobby Bowden and Nick Saban make him one of the most decorated assistants out there. A 70-point beatdown doesn't change that.

It wasn't the first blowout of Steele's career, and it won't be his last. But rest assured that he'll continue recruiting and developing great defenders and hope that he swaps purple for white to go with his orange shirt.