BCS Shakedown: How the Games Should've Been Scheduled

David AbelContributor IIIJanuary 5, 2012

BCS Shakedown: How the Games Should've Been Scheduled

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    Every year the national champion debate is the same: BCS vs. Playoff.

    This year was quite the same. Should it be ‘Bama or Oklahoma State? How do Virginia Tech and Michigan get in without winning a conference? Why are there rankings in the first place?

    To say the least, I am (was) interested in three games this BCS season and those were the Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl and the Championship game.

    Granted, the Sugar Bowl was good but I wasn’t interested and the Orange Bowl? I had more interest in a chess game (which after all is said and done I still agree).

    Furthermore, why must I wait almost a week before meaningful bowl games? Why is the National Championship game seemingly pushed back later and later?

    Lets check out who was supposed to be in these games and when.

Rose Bowl

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    I believe the Rose Bowl could’ve slated Wisconsin versus either Oregon OR Stanford. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the game and agreed with the matchup, but for the sake of argument let’s throw Stanford in there.

    The game would’ve revolved around the two star quarterbacks: Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. The QB battle would have been the talk of the bowl game and all eyes would have been on them.

    That is not the only reason I’d put them together. The last time Stanford was in the Rose Bowl was 2000, when they lost to this same Wisconsin Badger football team. Redemption in Pasadena would be good promotion for the game and it would have been special to see the Cardinal get redemption.

    Their playing styles are the same, both being hard-nosed running teams. I think this game would be a solid, hard fought battle between two very similar teams.

    As I mentioned before, I can’t complain with the Duck/Badger matchup, but for the reasons mentioned above, I would’ve liked to see the two red and white teams face off.

    Date of Game: Mon, Jan 2

    If I made the date: Mon, Jan 2

Orange Bowl

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    For you schmucks that watched that abomination of an Orange Bowl last night, I don’t feel bad. I didn’t watch a single snap because I knew the game would be terrible. It was, in fact, but for different reasons than I originally thought.

    I feel Clemson would’ve lost to whomever they battled.

    Anyway, if I was the BCS I’d pit Clemson versus Boise State.

    For starters, I think this could have possibly been the best matchup for the Tigers. Their playing style and speed could have given Boise State some fits. Add that to the fact the Broncos' journey from Idaho to Miami is no regular bus ride, and there's another plus for the Tigers.

    Boise St. on the other hand will get a shot to win another BCS Bowl game and knock off yet another high-ranked opponent. Kellen Moore would’ve been the focus of the game, to see what he could do against an ACC defense.

    Ultimately, I’m 99% positive the Broncos would close this out but it would be a nice showdown.

    Date of Game: Wed, Jan 4

    If I made the date: Mon, Jan 2

Sugar Bowl

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    This year’s Sugar Bowl matchup was one for the ages, pitting Michigan vs. Virginia Tech. The lone problem I have in all of this, is that neither team won their conference and there are many teams ranked ahead of both of them.

    My edition: Arkansas vs. Oregon.

    Oregon (in my opinion) has been one of the best teams in college football the past few years. Their tempo, speed and athletic ability are unmatched by most. Darren Thomas and LaMichael James are two of the most potent backfield weapons in the game and Arkansas’ defense would have major issues with this team.

    Arkansas on the other hand is quite capable of throwing the ball around the lot for hours upon hours. Their QB/WR chemistry is fantastic and they dominated everyone but the two teams in the national championship game.

    The game would be a great matchup with Oregon’s “run-first” style against Arkansas’ “air-attack.” I would like to see how they both react on the defensive side of the ball.

    Date of Game: Tues, Jan 3

    If I made the date: Tues, Jan 3

Fiesta Bowl

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    On the Fiesta Bowl front, I was thinking a WVU/Oklahoma State showdown would be nice.

    As we know, West Virginia were Big East champions, but played an unfavorable schedule. Not their fault right? Either way, their offense is still potent and full of athletes and should have given the underrated Cowboys defense a run for their money.

    Oklahoma State on the other hand would have to face just that- a quick, speedy, veteran spread offense. They saw spread but mostly spread pass this year and it would have been interesting to see that battle.

    As we know, West Virginia already beat Big 12 power Oklahoma a few years ago in this same bowl game. Add that to the fact that the Mounties will be joining the conference in just a short time, and this game would be an interesting foreshadowing of things to come.

    I think Oklahoma State would have eventually overpowered this Mountaineer team, but I think the game would have been better than most expected.

    Date of Game: Mon, Jan 2

    If I made the date: Wed, Jan 4

National Championship

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    C’mon now, people. This game is a no-brainer.

    Alabama vs. Louisiana State is the only legitimate game in town. Both are heads and shoulders above the rest of the country (even Oklahoma State).

    Two of the top defenses, two Heisman finalists, two fantastic head coaches and two of the best traditions in college football make this game what it is.

    Just think, Florida State beat the Gators during the 96-97 season only for the Gators to strike back weeks later and win the National Championship in convincing fashion.

    Anything can happen in this game...

    Date of Game: Mon, Jan 9

    If I made the date: Thurs, Jan 5