NLL Uniforms: Rating Them from Worst to Best

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NLL Uniforms: Rating Them from Worst to Best
(Photo: Michael Martin)

One thing that sets every pro-sports league apart is the design of the uniforms.

The National Lacrosse League is no different, with each team striving to make a statement on the floor with their outfits.

This year, the NLL has adopted similar style uniforms to those the NHL has, manufactured by a single company, whose name I shall not advertise at this time.

Minor rant: Every time I've seen this particular manufacturer take over production of all the uniforms for a single league (this is the third one I'm aware of), it makes things worse.

Teams change their look to conform to the new design and it invariably takes away from the uniqueness of some of the teams' outfits.

In fact, I believe this particular manufacturer wants every league to adopt a single universal style of uniform—with only a white and grey version.

Add to it the team's name and the players' numbers, written in large black numbers, in Helvetica font, and every team looks exactly the same.

Where is the uniqueness for each team?

But I digress.

As with all leagues, some of the unis are winners and some are, shall we say, not winners. And, to be fair, I think there's more good than bad in the NLL.

However, I think most of the changes to the uniforms this year are not for the better, with the exception of the ugliest uniforms in the league being only marginally improved.

Also to note, I'm not going to look at third jerseys or other one-off products.

Generally speaking, I find these things to be gimmicky money grabs that almost never improve the product.

One general comment before we get going: The NLL seems to really like red and black as a color combo—four teams out of nine have that color scheme.

Starting with the eye-damaging worst, here are all nine teams.

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