SEC Commissioner Mike Slive Thinks the BCS Will Look at the Plus One Option

James Williams@WordmandcAnalyst IIIJanuary 5, 2012

SEC will bring the plus one option to the table
SEC will bring the plus one option to the tableAl Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Tonight on the Tony Barnhart Show (6:30 p.m. CBS Sports Network, preview), he will talk with SEC Commissioner Mike Slive to discuss SEC football, the BCS system and the plus-one model.

Slive tells Barnhart the there will be changes to the current BCS system that ends in 2014:

I do think we are going to see changes and I don’t think those changes will be tweaks, that’s the term that we always use. I think there will be changes. We’re going to begin to focus in on all these issues over the next six to nine months, with the idea of no-holds barred. We need to take a look at the entire structure and see what kinds of changes need to be made. But I do really think there will be changes.

He also tells Barnhart that he will put the plus-one option back on the table:

I do think the plus-one has to come back to the table. I’m confident that we’ll have a robust conversation about the plus-one, and I certainly will want to make sure that that issue is fully vetted. I think the climate has changed to some degree, so I’m looking forward to that discussion.

Besides the interview with Slive, the show will also feature radio host Paul Finebaum and political pundit James Carville.