Seattle Mariners: Why It May Be Time to Turn Your Back on Prince Fielder

Jon O'ConnorCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2012

STILL Free Agent, Prince Fielder
STILL Free Agent, Prince Fielder

Has there ever been that person in your life that you've been extremely attracted to, constantly flirting with them, calling and texting them just to say hi, but in the end, you seem to remain in friend-zone or they just ignore you altogether?  

Enter the Seattle Mariners and their crush on Prince Fielder. But hey, what team doesn't have a crush on the big, strong, home run machine?

You can only do so much before it's time to shy away and just see what happens. No one really knows for certain if the Seattle Mariners have made an actual offer to Fielder, but all the rumors seem to suggest that they may have. 

It's not secret that Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik has a great relationship with Fielder. After all, he drafted him in Milwaukee

We all know that money out-weighs relationships in professional sports. With Albert Pujols getting a sweet pay day in LA, we know that Prince's check is going to have to be in that same range or perhaps be a little bit sweeter. 

If you have been around the Seattle area, listened to the radio or read the papers, you know that some of the things that supposedly have been mentioned to Fielder include bringing in an architect and moving in the right field fence to make it more home run friendly for the left-handed swinger. 

That's how much that one guy would mean to this franchise. If all of these things are true and Zduriencik has, in fact, made an offer to Fielder and the Mariners still are not the rumored front-runner, maybe it's time to turn your attention away from Fielder. 

Let's face it: if the Mariners have made on offer to Prince that is substantial enough that he may consider, it would be for more money than the club has ever offered anyone. That, coupled with the fact that they have mentioned the idea of changing their facility to fit the individual, and it's still not enough for Fielder to come to Seattle, then he probably is not going to change his mind. 

It may be a long-shot approach, but the next move may be to start ignoring Fielder. Who knows, maybe his agent Scott Boras will call Seattle instead of Seattle calling him.

We all know Boras is game player, and one thing he likes is getting as many teams involved as possible, throwing money and incentives around to keep the market valuable. 

If the Mariners have done all they can, the ball is obviously in their court. 

Scott Boras, make your move!