WWE: Now Is the Perfect Time to Turn Daniel Bryan from Babyface to Heel

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJanuary 5, 2012

The WWE is now hitting its main event toll road towards WrestleMania 28, and already we have seen some shocking moments—from Chris Jericho returning, to Kane's weird new attitude towards John Cena, to Daniel Bryan becoming world heavyweight champion.

With the card for WrestleMania already being put together it seems, I feel that the WWE management needs to throw the fans a massive curveball on SmackDown. No, I am not saying allow Big Show to be champion, because we all know that his in-ring skills aren't as great as they once were. Instead, I'm a firm believer that it is now time to turn Daniel Bryan from this white-meat babyface into a ruthless heel that fans remember him by from his Ring of Honor days.

Daniel Bryan has all the tools to be a successful champion except for his current gimmick.

Yes, Bryan is popular by some measurements, but he dosen't generate that pop that a babyface is suppose to receive. When Bryan comes out to the ring, half the time the WWE live crowds seem to either be dead or not interested in him. That is an alarming notice to true hardcore wrestling fans because Daniel Bryan is a top star and he is someone that can have classic matches night in and night out, so maybe if the WWE turns Daniel Bryan heel, he will then have everybody's attention.

The world championship picture right now is a little clustered up, with Mark Henry, Big Show, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett all fighting to get a crack at the title. Yes, that's a great thing to see, but I feel that Daniel Bryan's title reign will be short lived if he continues to be nothing more than, well, a side note baby face. This is why I feel that Daniel Bryan should turn heel and become a ruthless man that will not only make you tap out, he will indeed hurt you.

A new character gimmick for this young man would only make him stronger, in my opinion. Daniel Bryan could end up being a Chris Benoit knock off if the WWE chooses so, and I have no problem with that at all. Bryan needs an attitude like Benoit because that displays that ruthless attitude that fans seem to crave in this day and age. Bryan's stock would go through the roof and he would be someone who I would feel OK with main-eventing WrestleMania as the world champion.

Now, with a heel turn comes some risk, but I feel that if Bryan would turn heel on Big Show and defeat both Show and Henry in a triple threat match come the Royal Rumble, then fans would take notice in the champion and begin to really react to him each time he makes his way into a WWE ring.

WrestleMania 28 could be the perfect platform for heel Daniel Bryan to go over with the WWE universe and have that classic match that all superstars dream of having at WrestleMania. The only problem with that plan happening is that he needs a top babyface to feud with for the title.

My answer to that would be Sheamus.

Yes, Sheamus is already ruthless and he is someone who has been a champion, so to have Bryan go over him kind of the same way the Miz did last year against John Cena would be smart, and it would have the entire WWE universe buzzing.

Right now Daniel Bryan is a world champion that not many people seem to notice, but if he does turn heel, then maybe he will then have your attention. I'm hoping the WWE does turn him heel before his stock begins to fall at a rate that nobody will be able to save.


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