30 Craziest Sports Logos of All Time

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIJanuary 5, 2012

30 Craziest Sports Logos of All Time

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    A logo summarizes what a team is about. Whether it is trying to create an aggressive new logo or continue to carry on with tradition, it is important to create a consistent identity. Some teams, though, have gone about and sported some crazy logos over the years.

    Some of these logos are crazy in a good way, while others are crazy in an "uh, OK" way. Out of the ordinary can be awesome, but it will always be met with mixed reactions.

    These 30 logos are some of the craziest that have ever hit the sports world.


    All photos courtesy of www.sportslogos.net

Kansas City Athletics: 1955-62 (MLB)

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    Can somebody please explain to me why the Kansas City Athletics decided to use an elephant standing on top of a baseball to represent their team?

    I mean, elephants are not exactly the most athletic creature in the animal kingdom.

Memphis Grizzlies Alternate Logo: 2001-02 (NBA)

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    The Memphis Grizzlies always have crazy logos.

    You would be shocked to know, though, that they really have never been all that aggressive as a team.

    Cue the Pau Gasol soft jokes.

TCU Horned Frogs: 1995-Present (NCAA)

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    The TCU Horned Frogs just have one intimidating logo.

    A horned frog?! Look at that thing!

    Even if it is a private school, TCU came out with one aggressive and crazy logo.

    It has been playing some crazy good football over the last few years too.

Normal CornBelters: 2010-Present (Minor League Baseball)

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    Something just doesn't seem normal with this team's logo.

    The Normal CornBelters are a minor league team that has no MLB affiliation. Well, they look pretty miserable about that just from their logo.

Buffalo Bills Alternate Logo: 1965-69 (NFL)

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    All right, so you are telling me that the Buffalo Bills of the late '60s were strong enough to stop an actual buffalo?

    I won't believe it until I see it.

Arizona Diamondbacks Alternate Logo: 1999-2006 (MLB)

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    For some reason, when I look at the Arizona Diamondbacks' original logo, I feel like I am about to get on a ride at Six Flags.

    They also should have stuck with these colors. The teal and purple is much better than the current black and red.

Minnesota Wild: 2000-Present (NHL)

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    The Minnesota Wild have an awesome logo. It is really like a piece of art.

    Instead of incorporating a true mascot, they went ahead and just addressed the whole idea of living in the wild with this logo.

Baltimore Orioles Alternate Logo: 1967 (MLB)

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    This Baltimore Orioles logo makes this list because the mascot just simply looks crazy.

    If one were to look at this logo, they would think that the team has either been struggling to find time to sleep or is in need of a therapist.

    I do like how they still have the fun cartoon bird on the psycho one's hat.

Miami Marlins: 2012-Present (MLB)

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    The Miami Marlins went in a completely different direction with their new logo.

    While it isn't exactly a crazy logo, looking at the colors drives me crazy.

Detroit Pistons: 1996-2001 (NBA)

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    A horse with a mane of fire. Need I say more?

    No, I don't.

    By the way, bring this one back!

St. Louis Cardinals Alternate Logo: 1949-1959 (MLB)

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    Wow, that Cardinal looks mad. 

    The St. Louis Cardinals certainly moved in a completely different direction over the years, but now might be the time show this angry side again with the departure of star Albert Pujols.

Jamestown Jammers: 1994-2005 (Minor League Baseball)

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    The Jamestown Jammers are a minor league baseball team, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they have some crazy logo.

    I am not exactly sure what kind of creature that is, but all I can tell is that it looks like a rodent that has devil horns, red eyes and a bat. 

    Let's just say I prefer their new logo better.

Oakland Athletics Alternate Logo: 1994 (MLB)

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    The Athletics really like the whole elephant thing, but when they moved to Oakland they should have just dropped the whole thing.

    Instead, they kept the giant mammal while donning it with shades.

Toronto Raptors Alternate Logo: 1995-98 (NBA)

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    When the Toronto Raptors have the ball, don't even try to take it away from them.


    Well, try at your own risk. You were warned.

Montgomery Biscuits Alternate Logo: 2009-Present (Minor League Baseball)

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    You are not mistaken. You are looking at a biscuit.

    If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what does.

    As previously mentioned, minor league baseball teams always have the craziest logos and names. This one represents your favorite Jimmy Dean breakfast snack.

Vancouver Grizzlies Alternate Logo: 1995-99 (NBA)

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    What were the Vancouver Grizzlies thinking when they drew up this logo?

    Is it just me, or does the grizzly look like a rabbit?

    It is definitely out of the box and crazy, but this totem pole design is perhaps a little too far outside of that box.

Minnesota Twins: 1976-86 (MLB)

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    Win! Twins! Really? I see the motivation, but this logo is just insane.

    What about when the team loses? Do they just look at their logo and think, "Oh...?"

    Turns out they didn't quite do what their logo said. The Twins' win percentage from 1976-86 was .449.

California Riverside Highlanders: 2003-Present (NCAA)

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    I don't know much about the University of California, Riverside, but I do like its logo.

    It has that whole Braveheart feeling going on, and it is really intimidating.

2012 London Summer Olympic Games

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    I like how the Olympics was trying to move forward with its logo, but this one just isn't doing it for me.

    There is too much going on, and it looks like it says 20R. A move in the right direction, but not quite there just yet.

Binghamton Bearcats: 2001-Present (NCAA)

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    This is what a bearcat looks like.

    All we have here is a bear with a cat head.

    You should be ashamed, Binghamton.

Midland RockHounds: 1999-Present (Minor League Baseball)

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    The Midland RockHounds of the Texas League have one of the most cartoonish-looking logos among minor league baseball teams.

    They are like a team brought to you by Hanna-Barbera. Is that not Scooby-Doo meets The Flintstones?

Detroit Tigers Alternate Logo: 1967-77 (MLB)

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    The Detroit Tigers were smart to drop the whole animal part of their logo, as their old-time representation of the team looks like an animal that is on something.

    He does realize there is no ball, right?

San Francisco 49ers: 1946-67 (NFL)

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    Something about a guy shooting guns in all different directions doesn't make me comfortable to go watch them play.

    Sorry, San Francisco 49ers. At least you made it seem much more comforting with a much more traditional logo this time around.

Calgary Roughnecks: 2000-Present (Lacrosse)

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    That is one intimidating logo that the Calgary Roughnecks have.

    While it looks like the Brawny man on steroids, one has to be scared of a man with a lacrosse stick and those guns.

    The look on his face isn't too comforting either.

Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions: 2001-Present (NCAA)

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    The Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions hit up the Jersey Shore for spring break last year.

    Once you go Jersey, you never go back.

Shreveport Swamp Dragons: 2001-02 (Minor League Baseball)

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    First of all, what is a swamp dragon?

    Second of all, what is a swamp dragon?

    *Note: This team doesn't exist anymore, so neither does a swamp dragon.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks: 1993-2006 (NHL)

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    Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

    The Anaheim Ducks really came out with an awesome logo when they came into the league. A Jason mask shaped like a duck face? Genius!

    Plus, those movies were pretty awesome too!

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers: 2002-Present (NCAA)

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    Apparently, a chanticleer is a group of male vocalists, or sometimes it is just another word for a rooster. Well, I am just going to call this a teal rooster.

    Whatever it is, one has to say it is a pretty aggressive-looking logo for a small-time college.

Cincinnati Reds: 1960 (MLB)

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    It is something about that smile while holding a bat that just makes me sense the crazy in the Cincinnati Reds logo.

    For a while they got rid of the mustache, but now it is back and creepier than ever.

Phoenix Coyotes: 1996-2003 (NHL)

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    What is going on here with the Phoenix Coyotes' original logo? Is this a hockey-playing coyote, or is it the Phantom of the Opera? Who knows, but it is by far one of the greatest/craziest logos of all time.

    Can't really understand why the team moved on from this for a more boring logo. Maybe one day it will smarten up and bring it back.

    Do it.