Repurposing Condoms as Soccer Socks in South Africa

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Repurposing Condoms as Soccer Socks in South Africa

Every now and then I read an article that catches me off guard, and this is one such piece. It turns out that the big soccer fashion trend in Cape Town, South Africa these days, is to wear condoms on your feet to keep your socks up.

The need for such an innovative way of using these prophylactics is the result of a lack of proper soccer gear, such as socks with elastic to hold them in place. Since condoms are distributed free of charge in order to help curb the spread of HIV, it all makes sense.

Sivuyile Nqawe of the Lingelethu Football Association in Khayelitsha said it was to "ease matters for those who cannot afford expensive brands of football kit on their mission to sharpen their skills to become future soccer stars".

"It is just a creative method and it works to alleviate the situation. You just break a condom packet, grab and stretch it. Then you put it on your leg," Nqawe said.

"You will find that in most instances players bring a box of condoms to a match and share them among teammates for the same purpose."

Another example of necessity being the mother of invention.

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