WWE Royal Rumble 2012: Cuttin the Rumble Down to 30 Wrestlers Is the Right Move

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 5, 2012

From wwe-tv.com
From wwe-tv.com

The Royal Rumble is finally coming up and has changed back to the 30-man format that made it famous.

Last year, the Rumble had 40 combatants which mixed up the format and allowed for more wrestlers to participate.

In some ways this was great.  It allowed everyone to see a wrestler they liked get to compete in the Rumble and it also gave more wrestlers paydays.  It even made sense from a business perspective as there weren't enough big-name wrestlers who could have filled up slots.

This year that isn't the case.

The Royal Rumble has enough names and excitement to get the fans interested in just seeing 30 men compete.  Will that mean that some wrestlers get left out?

Yes, and it's just what the Rumble needs.

Part of what makes the Rumble so fun to watch is it is almost impossible to predict what will happen.  Anyone can appear and even if there are a few obvious choices on who will win nobody really can guess who it will be.

In the scripted world of pro wrestling it is the most unpredictable event solely because it has to many possible outcomes.

One of the best parts is that it isn't known who will even get a chance to step in the ring.

There will be at least one wrestler that fans want to see compete that will be left out.  It is a shame because they could use the money and exposure, but it helps the event.

And that is because of anticipation.

Fans love to count down until the next person steps through the curtain and as the numbers go up and their favorite wrestler, or at least one they enjoy watching hasn't made it into the ring yet, they get anxious.

That key factor is what makes the Rumble one of the most can't-miss events in the WWE schedule. The anxiousness of hoping to see something, but with the lack of certainty that it will.

It is rare in professional wrestling and usually it can't be forced or made to fit on a schedule.  Yet every year that is what the WWE does with the event.

To remove even one part of it lessens the effect as a whole.

On the Monday morning after the pay-per-view some fans might be disappointed that a certain wrestler was left out, but before they feel that they will have been anxious to see their guy in action.

It is part of what makes the Rumble so unpredictable and worth watching.