WWE Opinion: A Vickie Guerrero Face Turn Is Long Overdue

Michael IlnickiContributor IIIJanuary 4, 2012

Photo courtesy of newwrestlingstars.blogspot.com.
Photo courtesy of newwrestlingstars.blogspot.com.

Excuse me.

Those two words, when shrieked in a shrill manner, herald the arrival of Vickie Guerrero on the scene.  The reaction from live WWE audiences is always the same—a torrential cascade of boos that would make even the most vicious in-ring heel green with envy.  Young and old, fans join in unison in booing the last of the truly great heel managers.

However, for all the talk of heel and face turns lately, it is often overlooked that Vickie has been portrayed as a heel for over five years.  She has been an effective villain in her roles as a general manager, manager and occasional in-ring performer, but perhaps it is time to give the character a much-needed transformation.

As a fan of Vickie's late husband Eddie Guerrero,  I am often baffled at how Vickie is received by wrestling fans, given the overwhelming adulation that was bestowed upon Eddie in both his career and posthumously.

WWE Creative has been even less kind, portraying her as a shrew-like character with countless annoying traits, often poking fun at her weight and appearance, and making her the butt of jokes during vignettes.  She has been thrown into a cake, forced to wrestle amongst actual swine and had a (scripted) marriage end on live television.

All of this abject cruelty has been thrust upon the sole bearer of the prestigious Guerrero family name remaining in the WWE.  To her credit, Vickie has done an incredible job of portraying this character, and she's exceptionally skilled at weathering the abuse that is inflicted upon her seemingly every week.  

She has made extraordinary strides in developing her appearance, and despite the crude and vicious taunts of Jerry Lawler and John Cena, it may be fair to say she is much more attractive physically than she was some time ago.  Certainly she no longer deserves the "fat joke" taunts, though, I would argue this cheap and derogatory manner of insult was never warranted or appropriate.

With over five years playing the same type of character, there is a risk of it becoming stale.  This is why it is time to turn Vickie face.  

There are countless ways of achieving this.  With Dolph Ziggler touting himself as the penultimate heel, perhaps he leaves Vickie's managerial stable in a uniquely heart-wrenching manner, somehow generating a sympathetic reaction to Vickie's plight.  

In this scenario, she could recruit a top babyface performer or perhaps a top babyface diva in need of a push.

There is one final twist to such a scenario: Vickie's daughter Shaul Marie (who wrestles under the moniker "Raquel Diaz") has been doing a phenomenal job in FCW.  How amazing would it be if Vickie managed Raquel and touted the legacy of their respective lineage to Eddie Guerrero?

Vickie Guerrero's heel character has become stagnant in its present incarnation.  A face turn, complete with true fan appreciation, is deserved and overdue.