The Best and Worst Beards in the NHL

Keegan McNally@Keegan_McNallyCorrespondent IIJanuary 8, 2012

The Best and Worst Beards in the NHL

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    The playoff beard has spread like wildfire throughout the major sports in America. 

    Players like Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants can be seen sporting immensely epic beards. However, what needs to not be forgotten is where the postseason beard came from.

    Hockey is one of the most tradition-rich sports in the world, and the playoff beard solidifies that.

    So who around the league wears the best and worst playoff beards?

Best: Shea Weber

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    Shea Weber's beard is a monster. 

    Come playoff time, players probably start fearing the beard as much as his 102-plus MPH slappers. 

Worst: Sidney Crosby

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    The famous "dirt 'stache" is synonymous with the Penguins' captain. 

    If Crosby can return come playoff time, look for the 'stache to be in full force and for the beard to be strangely absent. 

Best: Mike Commodore

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    Although this picture may be from Mike Commodore's glory days with the Hurricanes, if the Red Wings make it to the playoffs, look for this epic orange mess to resurface. 

Worst: Patrick Kane

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    Patrick Kane decided to sport the old-school mullet during the 2011 playoffs because of his trouble with growing a beard the previous year.

    Although the beard is coming in, give it two more years before Kane has a full-on beard like his linemate, Jonathan Toews.

Best: Steven Stamkos

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    Stamkos makes the list because of his age. At 21, Stamkos is already growing a fuller and bushier beard than Crosby and other players older than him. 

    Sadly, the Lightning are gonna have to pull themselves out of the basement if Stamkos is to return to his bearded ways. 

Worst: Jonathan Toews

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    So close yet so far on this beard.

    Jonathan Toews may be an excellent captain, but he needs a few more years before he and his beard matures.

Best: Tim Thomas

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    Perhaps the best goaltender in the NHL also has one of the best beards come playoff time.

    Coincidence? I don't think so. 

Worst: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

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    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is as baby-faced as they come.

    At 18 years old, can you really blame RNH for not having any stubble?