Chris Jericho Returns: Explaining The Method To His Madness

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJanuary 4, 2012

This past Monday night on WWE RAW, Chris Jericho was revealed as the man behind the "It Begins 2012" vignettes that had been airing on WWE programming.  He returned to an ear-shattering ovation in Memphis, Tennessee as he made his way to the ring.       
He entered the ring, and on the surface it seemed like he was extremely happy to be in the presence of the WWE Universe again.  He grabbed the mic, as if to cut a promo for the fans of Memphis, then dropped it and ran around the ring several times.  He then made his way to the top of the entrance way, where he then looked around with a sarcastic smirk on his face and made his way backstage.
While this was happening, the fans went from absolute elation upon seeing Jericho, to relentless booing and jeering at his antics.  When Jericho’s promo ended, the wrestling world was up in arms as to the reason for Jericho’s actions, and the writers for the dirtsheets were flabbergasted as well.  A lot of wrestling fans had commented on how ridiculous it was, and wondered why he acted like that in the first place.  Wrestling fans were left scratching their heads.
Some fans expected Jericho to cut a great babyface promo and talk about how happy he was being back in a WWE ring.  Others expected the opposite—for Jericho to cut a real nasty heel promo, shooting insults to the fans of Memphis.  But because he didn’t say a single word and he acted like an egotistical jerk, those fans immediately turned their backs and, to a lesser extent, they missed the point about what he did in the first place.
Pro wrestling, in some ways, is like poker.  You don’t let your opponent know how good your hand is, and you don’t put your cards on the table when the stakes aren’t high enough.  Jericho demonstrated this on Monday night.  He gave the crowd only a little bit, in order to make them want more.  He didn’t show his hand right away, and he is going to make the fans raise the stakes in order to see his cards.
On Monday night, Jericho did what he is famous for, making the fans despise him.  A lot of wrestling fans knew exactly what he was doing when he entered that ring, and absolutely loved it.   If a WWE Superstar gives the fans everything they have in only a few short promos, then the fans will lose interest and will move on to the next WWE Superstar who catches their attention.
Wrestling fans who condemned Jericho will just have to be patient to see what he will do next.  Rest assured that the next few weeks he will deliver, as he has always delivered throughout his career in the WWE.  Once he does, it’s a safe bet that those same fans who criticized him will understand the method to Jericho’s madness.