NBA Power Rankings: Rating Each Team's Most Unstoppable Dunker

James ToljCorrespondent IIJanuary 6, 2012

NBA Power Rankings: Rating Each Team's Most Unstoppable Dunker

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    Is there anything in the NBA more entertaining then watching LeBron James or Dwight Howard go up for a super slam? 

    Well, maybe watching Blake Griffin throw it down on someone, or looking at a slideshow that ranks each team by its most devastating dunker.  

    Every NBA team is blessed to have a high-flyer, but not all of them are created equal. Some can dunk, but when other players go up for a slam, they can make the earth shake.

30. Devin Harris, Utah Jazz

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    Devin Harris isn't known as a guy who will drive down the lane and dunk on players, but he can.

    On occasion, the 28-year-old 6'3" point guard will get up—and he can throw it down when he does.

29. Deron Williams, New Jersey Nets

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    So what about the guy who is in Devin Harris' former role with the New Jersey Nets?

    Deron Williams can play above the rim too. He might not be among the best dunkers in the NBA, but he is the best dunker on the Nets.

28. Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics

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    Rajon Rondo plays alongside a few NBA dinosaurs, and Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen don't dunk much anymore (they definitely can still play).

    Rondo does though.

    He is really known for his flashy passes and his ability to run the team, but he is extremely athletic.

27. Johnny Flynn, Houston Rockets

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    Jonny Flynn isn't in front of the crowd every night anymore like he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has been relegated to fighting for minutes as one of Kyle Lowry's backups.

    Flynn wasn't an easy pick, either. Jordan Hill and Terrence Williams both can get up there too, but Flynn is only 6'0" and dunks like he is 6'6".

26. Ryan Hollins, Cleveland Cavaliers

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    At 7'0" and 230 pounds, Ryan Hollins is a big, powerful dunker. There isn't much that separates him from the rest, but his dunks are sure fun to watch.

25. DeJuan Blair, San Antonio Spurs

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    One thing makes DeJuan Blair so impressive: He has no ACLs.

    That's right. Blair has no anterior cruciate ligament, yet he can still throw it down like a champ. 

    Is that a medical miracle?

24. Josh McRoberts, Los Angeles Lakers

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    People might be upset that I didn't pick Kobe Bryant as the Los Angeles Lakers' best dunker.

    Even as Bryant is approaching his mid-30s, he can still fly, but Josh McRoberts can just fly a little higher.

23. Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee Bucks

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    Brandon Jennings doesn't get to show off his dunking skills very often.

    His job is to spread the ball around to his Milwaukee Bucks teammates and put up points however possible, but if you don't think he can dunk, watch him warm up. 

22. Tyreke Evans, Sacramento Kings

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    Tyreke Evans has some power at 6'6" and 220 pounds.

    Evans puts up points in bunches for the Sacramento Kings too, and some of those points come from pretty nasty dunks.

21. Tyrus Thomas, Charlotte Bobcats

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    Tyrus Thomas is a regular on top 10 lists for his throwdowns.

    As if his tall, 6'10" frame isn't enough, his arms are about as long as bathroom lines during halftime.

20. Will Bynum, Detroit Pistons

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    Will Bynum has some competition for the best dunker on the Detroit Pistons—Jason Maxiell can throw down thunderous dunks.

    Even Rodney Stuckey can get up, but Bynum's leaping ability, at 6'0", is truly impressive.

19. Monta Ellis, Golden State Warriors

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    Monta Ellis has the kind of dunks fans like to see.

    Ellis uses his lightning speed to get into the open court, then he rises up to put down a ferocious slam, even if someone is in his way.

18. Gerald Wallace, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Gerald Wallace has a certain mix of finesse and power that is hard to find in a dunker. Wallace is 29 years old, so his athleticism is on a slow decline.

    There are others on the Portland Trail Blazers who could challenge him for the best dunker title, but he isn't quite ready to give it up.

17. Paul George, Indiana Pacers

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    It is still early in Paul George's career to determine how good of a player he will be, but it is looking up for both him and the Indiana Pacers.

    And for players who try to guard George, they are usually looking up too, because he can jump out of the gym.

16. Shannon Brown, Phoenix Suns

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    There aren't many teams that Shannon Brown could go to where he wouldn't be the best dunker on the team. 

    He has the speed to get into the open court, and when he does, Brown doesn't go for a simple slam.

15. JaVale McGee, Washington Wizards

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    JaVale McGee is the only other 7'0" player to make this list besides the Cleveland Cavaliers' Ryan Hollins.

    McGee is a pretty special dunker, though. When he jumps, he really gets up high. I think McGee would probably still be able to dunk if he was 5'0" tall.

14. Nene, Denver Nuggets

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    There isn't much to say about Nene's dunks other than they look like they hurt pretty badly—the rim, that is.

13. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Russell Westbrook's dunking style reminds me a lot of how Monta Ellis throws it down. Westbrook just does it a little harder.

    Like Ellis, Westbrook is quick and can get into the open floor. When one watches Westbrook go up for a dunk, it is almost like he tries to punish the rim.

    I guess he has to take out all that anger somewhere.

12. Derrick Williams, Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Derrick Williams is a highlight reel waiting to happen. He is athletic, fast and can jump for days.

    I just hope someone can talk him in to entering the dunk competition one day.

11. Eric Gordon, New Orleans Hornets

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    Not only is Eric Gordon one of the most underrated players in the NBA but he is also one of the most underrated dunkers.

    Gordon's dunks are violent. They remind me of those old Batman television shows: He reaches back, and then all you see is "Pow."

10. Vince Carter, Dallas Mavericks

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    Vince Carter can't get up like he used to, and to be honest, he is probably higher than he should be on this list out of respect.

    Don't get it twisted though, Carter can still dunk.

    No disrespect to legends Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan, but Carter is arguably the best dunker who ever played the game.

9. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

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    Derrick Rose gets so much attention from opposing defenses that when he drives to the rack, he almost always has to make some crazy adjusted layup.

    But the 6'3" point guard and reigning MVP has serious hops. 

8. Rudy Gay, Memphis Grizzles

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    Rudy Gay missed the 2010-2011 season with a shoulder injury, so there could be a few NBA fans who have forgotten how great of a dunker he really is. 

    There is no question Gay is among the best in the whole league.

7. Amar'e Stoudemire, New York Knicks

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    Before Amar'e Stoudemire underwent knee surgery in 2005, he easily could have topped this list. It didn't matter where Stoudemire was on the floor, he tried to dunk the ball.

    And when he was completely healthy with the Phoenix Suns, he was nearly unstoppable. 

    But even after the surgery, Stoudemire is still ruthless. The other guy on the New York Knicks' roster, Carmelo Anthony, is pretty good, but Stoudemire gets the slight nod.

6. DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors

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    DeMar DeRozan is a fantastic dunker. He can be creative, or he can simple throw it down with authority.

    DeRozan stands at 6'6", and don't be surprised if he ends up as the NBA slam dunk champion very soon.

5. Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Andre Iguodala dunks the ball like he is in a video game.

    Windmill? No problem.

    Foul line? With ease.

    If you like watching incredible slams, then, even if you can't stand watching the Philadelphia 76ers, it is worth checking a game out to see what Iguodala can do.

4. Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks

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    Josh Smith won the 2005 NBA Slam Dunk Contest his rookie year. Since then, he has embarrassed those who try to block his dunks. 

    Smith is one of the NBA's elite dunkers, and if he could hit a jump shot on the regular and garner some attention on the outside, then he would be dunking on defenders every single game.

3. LeBron James, Miami Heat

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    LeBron James is maybe the most complete player in the NBA. If you were building a perfect basketball player, James would be the model.

    He doesn't shy away from slams, either. James will dunk on anyone regardless of who you are (just ask Tim Duncan).

    James' jumping ability is unmatched, and he floats through the air. It is almost like he is an alien.

2. Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic

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    If Thor decided to become an NBA basketball player, he would dunk the ball just like Dwight Howard.

    When Howard rattles the rim, the ground trembles. There is a theory that he actually causes earthquakes.

    If it wasn't for a high-riser out in Los Angeles, Howard would be the best dunker in the NBA.

1. Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers

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    In just more than a season, Blake Griffin has provided audiences enough evidence to say he is the best dunker in the NBA.

    DeAndre Jordan is no slouch, either. If he was on another team, he would be near the top of this list as well, but unfortunately for him, he is on a team with the league's most dynamic dunker.

    When one watches Los Angeles Clippers games, there is a certain kind of excitement that occurs. You don't know when it is going to happen, but Griffin is either going to dunk hard, or he is going to dunk even harder.

    Griffin's dunks are so powerful that scientists are studying them in order to harness their energy—or so I've heard.