Chris Jericho Returns to WWE: 10 Possible Storylines for Y2J

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Chris Jericho Returns to WWE: 10 Possible Storylines for Y2J

Chris Jericho returned to Monday Night Raw this week after weeks of encrypted messages. The crowd was pumped to finally see the return of Y2J, who has not stepped into the squared circle since September 2010.  Whether a heel or face, Jericho has always been able to get a strong reaction from the crowd due to his wit and charisma. His segments with Stephanie McMahon were some of the funniest segments of the Attitude Era. 

During his wrestling career, Chris Jericho has won 30 championships, including the World Champion twice, the Undisputed Champion once, the World Heavyweight Champion three times, the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, the WWE World Tag Team Championship five times and the Intercontinental Championship a record breaking nine times. He is also the ninth Triple Crown champion and the fourth grand slam champion. It is safe to say that Jericho has accomplished a lot during his wrestling career, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down, either. 

Jericho’s return on the second of January edition of Raw may have solved the mystery of which wrestler was behind the videos, but his silence has left much to question. Is Jericho coming back to save the fans from the new generation of wrestlers? Is he fed up of CM Punk running the show? Or has he returned to a generation of wrestlers that he wants to join? Jericho has never been one to hide his opinion on other wrestlers, and Jericho’s highlight reel was always the highlight of Raw. 

His return to WWE has been welcomed with open arms, and there is no doubt he will shake up things for Raw in 2012, because let’s face it, there is only one Y2J. In the height of his return, I have created a slideshow of 10 possible storylines for him.

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