Utah Shocks Alabama With a Dominating Performance In The Sugar Bowl, 31-17

L.C. MayCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

It was a shocking day in New Orleans as the Utah Utes came in and just totally dominated the Alabama Crimson Tide, winning bya  score of 31-17.

The Crimson Tide could not block a single defensive lineman and their offense did poorly as Utah beat the Crimson Tide. It started with three touchdowns by Utah in the first quarter, all in which came in under two minutes. It was basically over from there but Alabama did not give up as a punt return from Javier Arenas helped boost up the players spirits, but it was not enough.

What I believe were the main keys to Utah's victory were Andre Smith's suspension, Mike Johnson's injury, who by the way replaced Andre Smith, Utah's determination, Utah's no-huddle offense, anger which was fired up when Nick Saban said, ''Alabama was the only team to go undefeated in a real BCS conference, and the fact that Alabama just pure under estimated Utah.

But now the season is over with Utah being the only FBS team to go undefeated. Now Alabama has to start fresh and what I mean by that is, with John Parker leaving, Alabama has to get a new quarterback and with people believing Andre Smith is going to be leaving, we need someone who can fill those shoes.

So will Alabama have a good season next year? Will Nick Saban be able to take Alabama to their first national title in over 17 years? How will Nick Saban be able to explain the loss Alabama suffered to Utah? Will they beat Virginia Tech? Who will replace John Parker Wilson at quarterback?

These are all the questions are going through Alabama's fans heads. So I guess we won't know to next year but Alabama sure did not prove they were a national contender when they got beat by Utah.