4 Solid NBA Point Guards Who Could Move in the 2011-12 Season

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4 Solid NBA Point Guards Who Could Move in the 2011-12 Season

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    No position is currently deeper in the NBA as the point guard spot. With a reigning MVP and many players capable of averaging 20 points or 10 assists, this could be the most talented group of point guards that we have ever witnessed in the league.

    That being said, there also remains some extremely useful guards who would either be suited on another team or could flat out be the difference-maker in establishing a contender.

    With the demand for a starting point guard for NBA teams being low, many will look to bolster their bench with a nice option to provide big minutes. For those looking to insert another option into their starting rotation, these guys could also be worthy plugs who could alter a team's outlook.

    Here is a list of guys who could move soon.

Mo Williams, Los Angeles Clippers

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    Mo Williams is a score-first point guard who has good enough court vision to help make plays for his teammates. The problem with his current situation is the Los Angeles Clippers are stacked with players capable of playing the point guard position.

    An ideal amnesty cut in the offseason, Williams could now possibly be destined elsewhere and be a nice trade piece to bring in some depth at the small forward or shooting guard position.

    Thus far in the season, Williams is averaging a nice 11.5 points and four assists for the rejuvenated Clippers, but isn't likely a fixture in Los Angeles for years to come. 

    Williams has a pretty hefty contract and is due $8.5 million this year, but could be dealt next season based on his expiring contract. He also would be a good rental for a contending team willing to swap needs with a Clippers team looking to make noise.

Luke Ridnour, Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Ricky Rubio has emerged, and that doesn't spell a future for Luke Ridnour in Minnesota. However, he does have the ball-handling ability to be a nice fit somewhere else.

    Ridnour is a pretty athletic guy who defends well against some of the quicker guards in the league. He will not shut someone down on a nightly basis, but will not always be considered an utter mismatch.

    Offensively, Ridnour provides an effective mid-range game with the stroke needed to knock down long jumpers. He remains an efficient point guard who can help create opportunities for others, but will never be a constant "player of the game" candidate.

    Ridnour brings some necessary leadership to contending clubs, but he also doesn't lack the skills to make a key difference down the stretch.

Jameer Nelson, Orlando Magic

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    Jameer Nelson is not the right fit for the Orlando Magic. That is, if they plan on keeping All-Star Dwight Howard.

    Although undersized, Nelson is a great role-playing scorer who can hit open jumpers and is great at running pick-and-role scenarios. However, he doesn't have what it takes to bring out the best in Howard.

    Nelson doesn't have the greatest court vision in the NBA and I wouldn't even say it's on standard par. He's often turnover prone and has only averaged as high as six assists during a regular season.

    Orlando must surround Howard with a pass-first point guard who can help create plays for the big man.

    Don't doubt Nelson as a player as he is a former All-Star who can score, but he doesn't bring much to the Orlando Magic.

D.J. Augustin, Charlotte Bobcats

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    D.J. Augustin is off to the best start of his career averaging 16.6 points and 6.8 rebounds a game for a young Bobcats club. The best part of his value is he has a lot of time to improve at just 24 years old.

    While he could be a starter in the NBA for years to come, at what point do you make a starting spot for rookie Kemba Walker? Having both Walker and Augustin in a starting rotation would create way too many size disadvantages, and with Gerald Henderson blossoming that isn't likely to happen.

    Augustin also has an expiring contract at the end of the season, which could create a nice opportunity for Charlotte to gather some draft picks or other talent. If they are out of contention by the trade deadline, a trade would make plenty of sense for various reasons.

    With a cheap contract, Augustin would be an amazing addition for a team needing one more player for a title run.

    I personally think the former Longhorn would be a great fit alongside Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, but only time can tell what is in store for Augustin.