WWE/TNA: "IWC Votes" What Are Your Favorite Finishing Moves?

David RutterCorrespondent IIIJanuary 4, 2012

Welcome to today's edition of "IWC Votes!"

Yesterday, I asked you to vote on a number of categories relating to the Royal Rumble. Voting is still going on for this, so feel free to vote if you haven't.


In today's edition, I ask you, the reader, to list your all-time top three finishing moves.

Each wrestler has a finishing move that they perform typically to end a match or in the ring during an interview or promo gone bad.

Some wrestlers share similar finishing moves, while others have been the only ones that have ever performed it.

Sometimes, this move can define how fans look at the superstar; it can make them look more dangerous, faster or full-out insane.

These moves, when performed correctly, can be jaw-dropping and awe inspiring. Despite knowing the moves are not meant to harm one another, you sometimes can't help but wonder whether the person receiving the move actually got knocked out.


My top three favorite finishing moves are:

1. Sweet Chin Music

2. Stone Cold Stunner

3. Walls of Jericho


So what are your favorite finishing moves?

Feel free to give an explanation as to why you chose these moves.