Sugar Bowl 2012 Video: Watch Controversial Non-Catch in Overtime

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 4, 2012

The Michigan Wolverines took the Sugar Bowl in a contest that was not without its controversy. 

With the game in overtime, Logan Thomas floated a pass to Danny Coale who dove and brought in what was the catch of the season.

The pure concentration and ability to control his body was amazing. This was a perfect end to a great game—except the referees overturned the reception and said it was no good.

Hmm. Looking at this thing over and over, I guess I can sort of see where the officials are coming from, but you can also argue that Coale indeed controlled the ball even as he hit the turf.

Let's just say that this was a controversial catch and be done with it. But then there is that nagging feeling that such things cannot be dismissed so lightly.

The officials are not supposed to overturn something unless there is conclusive evidence. The officials looked at this thing like they just got their hands on the Zapruder film.

If you have to take a few looks and still find you are scratching your head, then you can't over turn the thing.

This should have stood simply because there was no definitive way to say that Coale did not catch it. So, I agree that you can make a case that the catch was no made, it doesn't mean that it should have been overturned.

Do you feel me? Because there is a great deal of celebration going on after two teams played like they were trying to lose this damn thing.

Even the refs wanted to miss some calls, and that is what I think really happened here. A game filled with such slop included some officials misfiring as well.