Aaron Rodgers Is a System Quarterback...and so Is Matt Flynn.

Patrick TeskeContributor IIJanuary 3, 2012

Is Aaron Rodgers the Best System QB Ever?
Is Aaron Rodgers the Best System QB Ever?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Ever since backup QB Matt Flynn splashed his name all over the Green Bay Packers' passing record books on New Years Day, a debate has been sparked suggesting the Packers system is responsible for the success. 

It is.  

Matt Flynn has been Aaron Rodgers' backup ever since Rodgers became the starter.  He showed a gamer's ability in his first preseason while being obviously raw (much like Aaron Rodgers was) and has since worked to improve his game.  

I'm not suggesting anyone would have predicted the ridiculous numbers Flynn posted, but he did throw three TDs on the road in New England last year in his first-ever start on national television nonetheless. 

Credit should be given to Flynn, Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy for their "system" and hard work in developing quarterbacks and also having the players around the quarterback to help them be successful.

And all this discussion about this hurting Rodgers' potential MVP status when compared to New Orleans QB Drew Brees is as ridiculous as Flynn's numbers from Sunday.  Brees and New England's Tom Brady both had incredible seasons, no doubt.  

But numbers have to be put into context.  Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Detroit's Matthew Stafford all tallied over 600 pass attempts this season.  So it should stand to reason that those are the three QBs that surpassed the 5,000-yard mark in passing this year.

Rodgers, by comparison, ranks 16th in the league with just over 500 pass attempts, at 502.  I'm betting some good math would show that, if given similar attempts, Rodgers' numbers may be record-breaking as well.  

Not to mention, Rodgers tallied more wins and earned himself the day off in the season finale by clinching home-field advantage the previous week.  This debate is essentially penalizing Rodgers' impressive efficiency in 2011.  

And back to the whole "system" argument.  I've read in several places about the great talent surrounding Rodgers and Flynn making virtually any quarterback capable of setting the league's season passer-rating mark.  

While the Packers certainly have a talented group of skill players, I do believe the Patriots and Saints also have some pretty talented players too.  

Here are some names of receiving threats that don't play for the Packers:  New England's record-setting TE Rob Gronkowski, New England's WR Wes Welker, New Orleans' record-setting TE Jimmy Graham, New Orleans' all-purpose yardage leader Darren Sproles, New Orleans' WR Marques Colston and lastly, New England's TE Aaron Hernandez.

I could go on, but I've seen enough of those other teams play to know that they aren't exactly hurting for skill players.  So I'm not buying the argument that Green Bay's talent is what makes Aaron Rodgers. 

And someone needs to show me where a system can make a quarterback stand in the pocket in the face of pressure and deliver a football down the field accurately.  Because that is a big reason Matt Flynn, or any quarterback, is or was successful. 

Green Bay may simply have the best backup QB in the league.  

Brady, Brees and Rodgers have all had great years.  And all are successful due to their systems.  

It just seems to me, when you look at wins and efficiency, Rodgers had the best year.  

I could see co-MVPs coming out of this mess.  But that doesn't make it right.