Sugar Bowl 2012 Video: Watch Michigan's Wild Field Goal Attempt

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2012

A game that bordered on dull got weird real fast. 

The Sugar Bowl certainly delivered with something sweet for those fans that muscled through some sloppy initial play. 

After a close-call pass from Denard Robinson, the Wolverines elected to kick a field goal with eight seconds left in the half. Or did they? Michigan went Tricksterville on Virginia Tech when they snapped the ball and went with a fake. 

Holder Drew Dileo took the ball and did what most holders would do when a pass rush came flooding his way, he ran for his life and chucked the ball with, what I imagine to have been, closed eyes. 

The ball floated to just about no one and everyone. A mass of players jumped for the ball and it ended up being knocked away by a Hokies defender. 

That meant the ball was up for grabs to just about anyone on the field not in stripes. The lucky man to get his hands on the ball was long-snapper Jareth Glanda. 

The Pillsbury Dough Boy-looking Glanda started the play and finished it in one of the wackiest final seconds to any half. 

Robinson would get the ball back and would again fail to punch it in. The Wolverines finally threw up their hands and said, "fine, we will take three points."

We go into the second half with Michigan retaining a slim lead. Most of it thanks to fate, destiny or just big fat luck.