5 Reasons Why Rob Gronkowski Is the Best Tight End in the NFL

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IJanuary 4, 2012

5 Reasons Why Rob Gronkowski Is the Best Tight End in the NFL

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    Recently, I watched the Patriots regular season finale versus the Bills in a ski lodge in New England. It was great to celebrate a 49-21 win with my fellow fans. 

    But that was not the most memorable part of the experience. While I was watching the game I couldn't help but notice that the excitement level seemed to increase every time Rob Gronkowski caught the ball. 

    And when he scored (twice) the lodge just erupted. I even found myself smiling and cheering "Gronk!" when he scored. 

    In that game BenJarvus Green-Ellis scored twice, Aaron Hernandez had a touchdown and Sterling Moore even intercepted the ball to the tune of a 21-yard touchdown. 

    But no celebration was louder then when Gronk super-spiked the ball in the end-zone! 


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    Not only does Gronkowski led all tight ends in receiving touchdowns he also has the league crown. 

    Gronk has had 18 trips to the end-zone this season beating the likes of Calvin Johnson, Victor Cruz, Jimmy Graham, Wes Welker and Larry Fitzgerald

    He is a huge red-zone presence and has accounted for 126 points this season. Gronk trails only LeSean McCoy for the most total touchdowns this year. 

    Oh and he owns crown for the NFL Single Season Receiving Touchdowns for a tight end.  

    Having a go to guy in the end zone is just one reason why Gronk is changing the tight end game. 

Receiving Yards

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    It is safe to say that the tight end competition is a race between Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints

    Gronk has 1,327 receiving yards on the season, sixth best in the entire NFL and the best for a tight end in NFL history. It also beats the 1,310 yards that Graham posted this season.

    Gronkowski's monster season just gets better when you realize that he has 82.9 yards per game. Once again that dominates all tight ends and nabs him the number seven spot for the whole league. 

    Gronk is a crutch for Brady and an absolute beast. He is accumulating more milage through the air then a Continental AirBus! 


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    Touchdowns and yards are all great but these are tight ends we are talking about not wide receivers. The tight end was created as a blocking receiver and if one cannot block then they cannot be a good tight end. 

    Graham is a basketball product good for jumping and catching the ball, but not one for blocking. Gronk is a throwback tight end breathing life back in a changed tight end position. There is no doubt that this Patriots stud is one of the best blockers in the league. 

    "He likes to block and takes pride in having a good block. He gets excited about that. I think he enjoys that part of the game. He does a pretty good job," Belichick said of Gronkowski

No One Can Single Cover Him

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    Name one player in the NFL that can single cover Rob Gronkowski. 

    Come on, I'm waiting. 

    Are you stumped? You should be because there exists no player in the NFL that can cover Rob Gronkowski. 

    I've seen him flick linebackers like they were flies and dominate double coverage. There is no athlete quite like number 87. 

    He is flexible and fast like a wide receiver but big and strong like a lineman. There is no way that someone can cover him. If Greg Jennings puts the team on his back then Gronk lifts the team up in the air and runs with it. 


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    Okay, I know that popularity is not a factor on the field but this is the NFL, and popularity sells. Outside of Tim Tebow I would argue that the Gronk is the most popular player in the league. 

    If you don't believe me go anywhere in New England and talk badly about the star tight end. If one was to do this stunt I would suggest wearing protection such as bubble wrap, football pads or a bulletproof vest. 

    Gronk is one of the most loved players in the whole league because he is a human highlight reel. Gronk gets a fan base excited like no other player before him. Every time he scores Gillette Stadium turns into Qwest Field. "Gronking" has become a pastime that is rivaling planking, owling and tebowing. 

    And right now I'm counting down the days until my Gronkowski jersey comes. UPS said 3-4 business days!