4 Places Mike Martz Could Land After Resigning from Chicago Bears

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IJanuary 3, 2012

4 Places Mike Martz Could Land After Resigning from Chicago Bears

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    According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz has resigned:

    "A source told the Tribune “philosophical differences” were behind the split. Martz was out of contract, having turned down an offer of a one-year extension after last season."

    That being said, we know Martz as an offensive-minded genius in pro football. So, being that he's on the market, someone is bound to come calling.

    Just who might that be?

    Well, here are four teams that could most definitely use Martz's football IQ on offense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Whether it's as a head coach or simply the offensive coordinator, Martz could make good use of young quarterback Josh Freeman.

    Add in a top 10 draft choice to go with the potential of running back LeGarrette Blount and Tampa Bay will see quick improvements on offense.

    The defense is simply young right now, so they have yet to fully develop.

    Additionally, Freeman doesn't have any well-established receiving targets other than tight end Kellen Winslow. Receivers Mike Williams and Preston Parker have solid potential, the Bucs' just need one more stud to complement them.

    Not only will Martz find that guy via draft, but he can also find that guy via free agency. And with Tampa currently vacant at the head coaching position, why not give him the opportunity to coach?

    The man orchestrated The Greatest Show on Turf from 1999-2004 when the St. Louis Rams had the most success in franchise history. As their head coach from 2000-2005, Martz was 53-32.

    Right now Tampa Bay has nowhere to go but up. And, being in an offensive-dominant division, they need someone to put them on the right track.

    Otherwise, they will be at the bottom of the NFC South's barrel for quite some time.

New York Jets

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    With Rex Ryan controlling the defense, Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator will vastly improve the New York Jets.

    The problem lies in the offense not moving the ball consistently enough to help out the defense. For the season, the Jets ranked No. 21 in passing offense and No. 22 in rushing offense.

    The Jets averaged just 312 total yards per game and scored 23.6 points per game—No. 13 in the NFL. This number may seem high, but they were held to under 20 points in each of the final three games.

    Additionally, Gang Green went 2-6 on the road and just 3-3 in the AFC East.

    Simply put, the New York Jets have no chance of ever ousting the New England Patriots without an offense that can score consistently. Their defense can most definitely minimize the damage, but the offense won't help out unless a guy like Martz comes in.

    Also, the Miami Dolphins are clearly a divisional opponent on the rise. So, if the Jets don't pursue Martz, they will fall even further back in the AFC East.

    Rex Ryan is a solid defensive head coach, but the Jets need an explosive offense to keep pace with the Pats and surging Dolphins.

    Otherwise, the Jets will revert way back to the days before Keshawn Johnson was drafted.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars are the perfect team for Mike Martz to revive his coaching career.

    For one, they have a respectable defense, to say the least. The unit finished ranked No. 8 against the pass and No. 9 against the rush, while allowing a total of just 313 yards per game.

    As for their offense, the Jaguars finished with the NFL's worst passing offense, averaging only 136.2 pass yards per game.

    Somehow though, the rush offense finished ranked No. 12 by averaging 123.1 yards per game.

    This is where Martz comes in as a perfect fit—with running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

    When coaching the St. Louis Rams, Martz built an offense around running back Marshall Faulk. He did the same thing with Matt Forte in Chicago. Had Forte not gotten injured, the Bears would have probably made the playoffs.

    That being said, MJD led the NFL in rushing with the worst passing offense backing him up, and he also had 374 receiving yards on 43 receptions.

    Based on that production with virtually zero help, MJD and Jacksonville would slice every defense with Mike Martz as their coach.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    With Romeo Crennel controlling the defense—whether he ends up as the head coach or not— having Mike Martz control the offense in Kansas City will raise the Chiefs to the top.

    Running back Jamaal Charles missed basically all of 2011. However, we have to expect that he'll be ready to roll in 2012. Add in Jackie Battle as his backfield companion, and K.C. is set, for the most part.

    The final decision will be at quarterback, whether it's Kyle Orton or Matt Cassel. That choice would obviously be up for Martz to decide. Nonetheless, he'd made good use of either one, and Charles is a solid back to build an offense around.

    Keep Dexter McCluster as the primary return man while adding a solid receiver via draft or free agency and Martz will be driving the AFC West's best and most complete offense in 2012.

    Romeo Crennel will have the defense doing work as they did against Green Bay and Denver, not to mention we have to anticipate the return of Eric Berry. Kansas City would be one frightening team to play in 2012 with Bebop and Rocksteady (Martz and Creenel) fluidly working together.

    Add in players getting healthy and the moves they can make through the draft and free agency, and K.C. becomes a complete team next fall.


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