Rose Bowl 2012: Grading the Oregon and Wisconsin Uniforms

Danny Flynn@FlynnceptionSenior Analyst IJanuary 3, 2012

Rose Bowl 2012: Grading the Oregon and Wisconsin Uniforms

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    Oregon managed to outlast Wisconsin 45-38 in the Rose Bowl yesterday, in a game that turned out to be one of the most entertaining bowls of the postseason.

    The two teams showed that they were both truly deserving of their BCS Top 10 status this year as they battled it out and went back and forth for four hard-fought quarters.

    But the game itself wasn't the only thing that generated a lot of buzz in Pasadena yesterday.

    Both the Badgers and the Ducks broke out new uniforms for the game, and they definitely caused quite a stir.

    The question is, though, which ones were better?

The Oregon Uniforms

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    Oregon's uniforms were basically a lighter version of the uniforms they wore for the season opener against LSU, and while there were no crazy colors or wacky shoulder pad designs on these all-green ensembles, they still managed to look sleek and eye-catching.

The Oregon Helmets

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    For some reason, Terminator 2 is the first thought that popped into my head when I first got a glimpse of the early pictures of Oregon's Rose Bowl helmets.

    Those shiny silver helmets are something that T-1000 would probably wear if he decided to suit up and play football, but still, you have to appreciate Nike for continually staying innovative and ahead of the curve when it comes to the helmets and jerseys the company supplies Oregon with.

The Wisconsin Helmets

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    The rose-style design for the "W" on Wisconsin's helmet was the true selling point of the team's basic Rose Bowl uniforms, and the detail was definitely a nice touch—it really added some flavor to an otherwise basic all-white ensemble.

The Wisconsin Uniforms

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    Adidas didn't really get too sophisticated with Wisconsin's uniforms, and to the naked eye, there's really not much difference between what the Badgers wore for the Rose Bowl and what they normally wear for away games.

    Yes, the all-white uniforms with red trim are basic, but they're also classy, and you have to appreciate that Wisconsin went with a traditional look instead of getting too wild with different colors and designs.

So Whose Were Better?

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    Your opinion of the uniforms that Wisconsin and Oregon donned for yesterday's Rose Bowl will obviously depend on your individual taste, and it will likely depend on if you're either an old-school traditionalist college football fan, or if you're a younger new-school fan.

    You have to appreciate both schools for adding a special touch and a new look for this year's game, but in terms of the buzz created, Oregon was hands-down the biggest winner yesterday in terms of both winning the game and creating a social media firestorm with the team's look.

    After yesterday, Oregon solidified its spot as college football's uniform king, and with the way Nike keeps churning out new uniform ideas, it looks as if the Ducks are going to be sitting on the throne for the foreseeable future.