NBA Trade Rumors: Grading the Worst Trade Targets

Matt ShetlerCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: Grading the Worst Trade Targets

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    When it comes to trading, not every deal is a good one and not very trade chip is as valuable as they may seem.

    Some very good players make very bad trade chips for many different reasons. Bad contracts often make bad trade chips.

    So while it may seem like your favorite team is getting a good deal, it's actually not.

    Here's a look at grading the worst trade chips currently on the market.

Orlando Magic: Hedo Turkoglu

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    In acquiring Turkoglu, you never know exactly what player you are going to acquire.

    Are you getting the player that seems to have success in Orlando or are you getting the Turkoglu that the Toronto Raptors signed to a horrible contract.

    The one sure thing you would get by acquiring Turkoglu is one horrible deal with $34 million remaining on it. As a bonus, you may get a highly unmotivated player as well.

    Turkoglu's Trade Value: D-

Atlanta Hawks: Joe Johnson

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    While the Orlando Magic want veteran talent for Dwight Howard, considering Johnson shouldn't be an option.

    While there is no doubting Johnson's talent, the problem is that he is owed just over $107 million still.

    Acquiring Johnson would put any team in the same spot the Hawks are in currently. Good, but can't get over the hump and can't afford to sign players to help them do so.

    Johnson's Trade Value: D+

Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins

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    While the Kings reportedly say they won't deal Cousins, even after he reportedly requested for a trade, it won't stop other teams from inquiring about him.

    Big mistake.

    There's no doubting the second-year pro's talent but if you acquire him, you also acquire all of the baggage that comes along with him.

    He's got a ton of growing up to do and is more likely to bring a team down before he helps one win.

    The main reason that his trade value is low is that because of his off the court issues, the Kings will get nothing but low-ball offers for him.

    Cousins Trade Value: C-

Los Angeles Lakers: Pau Gasol

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    Definitely not knocking Gasol as a player, but he's better suited for remaining in a Lakers uniform.

    The Lakers have offered Gasol for everybody from Chris Paul to Dwight Howard to Kevin Love recently. The problem is that to deal a star, teams would most likely want to receive quality young talent in exchange.

    At 31 years old, Gasol would be a better acquisition for a team looking to add a final piece in order to make a run at a title. He just doesn't make too much sense for a team looking to rebuild.

    That's not what the Lakers are looking to accomplish.

    Gasol's Trade Value: C

Minnesota Timberwolves: Michael Beasley

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    Beasley hurt his finger in his last game but is a guy that's had success in a Timberwolves uniform.

    He's due for a contract extension, but Kevin Love is as well, which could make Beasley available.

    However inquiring, teams need to proceed with caution. His attitude is the main reason why he landed in Minnesota to begin with.

    Beasley's Trade Value: C

Philadelphia 76ers: Andre Iguodala

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    Iguodala signed a six-year, $80 million extension in 2008 which is a major reason the Sixers haven't been able to deal the talented swing man to date.

    They could attempt to do so again to create more minutes for Thaddeus Young, but any interested team still has to worry about over two more years of his contract.

    Iguodala's Trade Value: C

Los Angeles Lakers: Andrew Bynum

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    He's off to a great start through two games, but Bynum has always been the guy that has been viewed as the Lakers' top trade chip.

    Is he that good though?

    He's got immaturity issues and is an injury concern, but also he's never really put together a good consistent NBA season.

    He's still young though so teams will lineup to get a shot at him, but is he good enough to pry away the superstar that the Lakers need?

    Other teams should proceed with caution.

    Bynum's Trade Value: B-