WWE's 10 Most Proven Technical Wrestlers of All Time

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WWE's 10 Most Proven Technical Wrestlers of All Time


When trying to compile a list for the best technical pro wrestlers in WWE history, you have quite the variety of wrestlers. Now, I am going to be using WWE Superstars that have either retired or have been around a long period of time in WWE or were in the past.

So those like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, while they will be on this list in the future, will not make the cut this time around. Neither will those who made short appearances in WWE like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe or Chris Daniels. Brock Lesnar will not make this list for similar reasons.

Therefore if anyone comes on this list and uses moronic excuses as to why any of those four should be on, the judging I did beforehand removed them from that.

The technical side of wrestling is not so much who can put on a ton of submissions. While submissions are a part of it, the best technical wrestlers were ones who could open up a move set and do anything they needed to do to win a match.

Guys like the men on this list would always take people to school when they would wrestle. They'd show off like no one else. And put on submissions, but also give us a variety of different moves and combinations. Some of which are still used today.

This is a top-10 list, but the order is just my preference on which belongs where. You can order the list in any way you choose. Or add your favorite in there if you like.

The list is controversial, but read why I put certain people on the list and not just see the pic of them and automatically judge the decision.

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