WWE's Chris Jericho: Why His Return Was a Huge Success

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IJanuary 3, 2012

So last night we all saw the subject of WWE's "It Begins" promos. It was, as many predicted, the return of Y2J, Chris Jericho.

However, reactions to his long-awaited return have been mixed. Since he took a punt-kick from Randy Orton early last year, Y2J has been tight-lipped on whether he was going to return. Even going as far to say he would never compete for WWE again in recent months.

So I'm guessing that some fans were expecting something more than what they got. For 20 minutes Chris Jericho played the crowd and would continue to do so until he left without saying a word. The cheers became boos, and the segment ended.

All I can say, after sleeping on it, is there has never been a more brilliant and masterminded return. Chris Jericho managed to turn heel without saying a word. Even better, he managed to do this by "trolling" the entire WWE Universe.

Trolling is the appropriate word too. How have WWE heavily pushed Jericho's return recently? By giving us links to Twitter and YouTube to watch his return promos. What has Jericho pretty much done over the past few months? Used Twitter to insult WWE fans and wrestlers alike. With WWE appealing to the Internet fans more frequently it seems like a smart way of getting a Legend to return as a heel.

Chris Jericho always said he would not return unless he could think of something new to deliver to the fans and this is it. A guy who purposely builds people up and then dashed their hopes just because they find it fun.

What did the dark promos have to do with anything? Jericho doesn't care he managed to wind you up. Why return and not say a word? Jericho doesn't care because he managed to get a rise out of the fans.

Looking back at last night, Jericho's return holds great promise in where his new gimmick will take him. He will not be the Y2J we used to know and love or the slow-talking suit-wearing heel we loved to hate. This is something new and is exactly what Jericho wanted and the WWE needs to continue down the road to the reality era.

After all, some people are not bad because of motivation.Some are just that way because they enjoy winding other up. Much like Internet trolls.

In addition to this here are some tweets on Jericho's Twitter account that seem to show us how string his return actually was.

"Chris must be proud of himself.. He did not say anything & he is trending

"Dont know whats more impressive, having back on Monday Night, or the fact that he was trending #1 WORLDWIDE!"

was actually trending #1,#2 & #3 worldwide on Twitter. &

It might not have been the return we were expecting, but that what makes it so great. WWE has almost guaranteed viewers next week with people who will watch just to see Jericho's motivation behind his silent return.