WWE It Begins 2012: Was Chris Jericho's Return Ruined or Was It Brilliant?

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIJanuary 3, 2012

Chris Jericho return left us with a WTF feeling.

After six weeks straight of dramatic, disturbing and intriguing promos, Jericho came back with one of the cheesiest returns of all time.

Long story short, he came, he started getting the crowd fired up...and left?

A lot of people are upset with how this went down, it seemingly was going nowhere from the start.  At the end, people were even booing Jericho.  Not because he was leaving, but because he didn't do anything.

Nearly everybody expected Chris Jericho to return as a baby face, but dig deeper and that might not be the case.  I strongly believe Jericho knew what he was doing out there.  In fact, I believe what he did was absolutely brilliant.

Jericho is not returning as a baby face, he's going to return as a full-fledged heel.  Let's analyze the situation that the WWE is in.

The WWE is lacking a bonafide heel.  The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett, they just aren't going to cut it.  That's been a large factor in why the WWE TV ratings are faltering.

When Chris Jericho returned, the WWE knew that he was going to be cheered, and there was nothing Jericho could do about it.

So instead, Jericho started the heel turn slow, he didn't say a word.  I believe that if he is going to turn heel, that's the best thing he could've done.  If he cut a heel promo tonight, it would almost sound awkward.

No, I don't believe it will be the same boring Chris Jericho heel persona, I believe he is setting us up for something bigger and better than that.

Either that, or he just ruined one of the biggest returns in recent memory.

Chris Jericho is a veteran, people forget just how good of a wrestler and performer he really is.  While he may have looked stupid tonight, this is just the beginning, as the promo said. 

Remember the promo that Triple H and The Undertaker cut last year on the road to Wrestlemania?  It didn't require a single word between the two of them.

When you're as good as Jericho, HHH, Taker, etc. you don't need to use words.

I strongly believe Jericho is playing with us, and I can't wait to see how it plays out on the road to Wrestlemania 28.