Winter Classic 2012: Power Ranking Jerseys from Every Game

Matt BauerCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2012

Winter Classic 2012: Power Ranking Jerseys from Every Game

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    The NHL never fails to provide each of its Winter Classic teams with some of the freshest jerseys, mixed with an old school and new-school look.

    Well, never say never.  Not every jersey has been creative, but most have been during the five Winter Classic games.

    It seems like the best jerseys are the ones that weren't altered, and they were 100 percent authentic and old school.

    This year's Winter Classic jerseys didn't disappoint, but are they some of the best to appear in the Winter Classic?

10. Philadelphia Flyers (2010)

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    Granted the Philadelphia Flyers' jerseys haven't been drastically altered throughout the team's history, but they could've made a better attempt to add an old-school twist on their jerseys when they first appeared in the Winter Classic back in 2010.

9. Boston Bruins (2010)

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    Unlike the Boston Bruins' 2010 Winter Classic opponent, the Bruins did get creative with their jerseys.

    Boston used a logo that looked like it did during the 1948-49 season, as well as a jersey pattern that resembles the 1967 sweaters, however, the team switched around the yellow and the black.

    Yellow is not an attractive color.

8. Pittsburgh Penguins (2011)

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    The Pittsburgh Penguins combined a number of different jerseys from the team's history to make up their 2011 Winter Classic sweaters.

    It looks like Pittsburgh combined its 1967 jerseys with the 1968-69 ones and then swapped the blues around from the '67 uniforms.

    I don't know why, but there's something about navy blue, sky blue, white, yellow and black that rubs me the wrong way.  There's too much going on.

7. Pittsburgh Penguins (2008)

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    Pittsburgh's Winter Classic debut came in the inaugural Winter Classic game in 2008, and the Penguins didn't screw around with their jerseys like they did in 2011—they simply wore their throwbacks from 1968-69.

    These '08 jerseys are better than the jerseys Pittsburgh wore in '11, but not by much.  The Penguins didn't try to do too much.

    When comparing Pittsburgh's two Winter Classic jerseys and deciding which one is better, I'm going to base my decision off of the "less is more" philosophy—and the '08 sweaters have less going on than the '11 sweaters.

    I'm glad the Penguins organization decided to stray away from the blues in 1980 and stick with just the black and yellow.

6. Chicago Blackhawks (2009)

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    The Chicago Blackhawks' 2009 Winter Classic jerseys were a modern spin-off from the team's '35 sweaters.

    Being that the Hawks have the best jersey in all of sports, it would have been better if they had chosen to use a more modern design with a throwback logo for the Winter Classic.  But these jerseys could have been worse, and the Winter Classic has certainly seen worse ones.

    Overall, the jerseys aren't brutal, but the colors are still fresh and represent the Blackhawks well.

5. Philadelphia Flyers (2012)

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    I'm not the biggest fan of the color orange, maybe because the Flyers' 2012 Winter Classic sweaters would've made me look like a big, round pumpkin, but there's something about these jerseys that I like.

    As I said before, Philly's jerseys haven't changed too drastically over time, but the Flyers did a great job with this year's Winter Classic uniforms. The black shoulders really complement the orange and adds a mean, old-school look to the sweater.

    These jerseys are mean, even though they're dominated by the color orange.

4. New York Rangers (2012)

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    The first thing I thought of when watching this year's Winter Classic warm-ups was that the New York Rangers jerseys were pretty sweet nice.

    New York's Winter Classic jerseys took the logo they had on their 1976 sweaters and the modern jersey pattern, however, the away whites weren't white.  The Rangers added the old-school flavor by using creme as the jersey's main color.

    Backup goalie Marty Biron took advantage of these creme jerseys and complemented it with his brown, leather goalie pads. 

    Talk about old school.

3. Buffalo Sabres (2008)

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    The Buffalo Sabres' jerseys from the 2008 Winter Classic were very similar to the ones they wore in the 1970's.  They didn't try too hard to be creative with their look.  They went old school and it worked well.

    Solid jersey.

2. Washington Capitals (2011)

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    In 2011, the Washington Capitals decided to wear the team's sweaters from 1989.

    I love these jerseys.  The colors, the stripes and the stars all complement each other well.

    Again, another design that wasn't altered.  This jersey was kept classy, and that's why it's one of the best the Winter Classic has seen.

1. Detroit Red Wings (2009)

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    When the Detroit Red Wings appeared in the 2009 Winter Classic, they didn't mess around with which classic uniforms they'd wear—they went straight to the beginning.

    Detroit wore the jerseys they'd worn in 1926 when the team first came into existence.

    These jerseys were plain, but fresh.  They defined the Original Six, and I'm sure they brought memories back to all the hockey fans who've been here since the beginning—something the Winter Classic is meant to do.


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