WWE It Begins 2012: Chris Jericho Returns to the WWE and It Begins... Badly

ThunderlipsCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2012

Let me get this out of the way.

I know it was a work. I know the premise of this segment was for Chris Jericho to show how the fans are idiots. How the fans cheered for a guy that, last they saw him, was calling them sycophants. He'll probably show up next week or some other time and point that out. Duly noted. But my question is: So what?

Before Mr. Y2J left to pursue his other interests, he was one of the best heels in the world. He had some of the best feuds with some of the biggest faces in WWE. So the point that he doesn't like the fans and WWE superstars' pandering to them is, again, known. Having him come out and act like a jerk just to get heat from the fans seemed counterproductive... it also was boring.

But my bigger problem with this segment was that even if fully realized for what it is, it's still not what was promised from all the hype.

The mysterious videos, the creepy kids, the promise of ending worlds and taking back what is rightfully his has nothing to do with making a point to fans and their naivety. Maybe it was wrong for some of us fans to assume, but the thinking was Jericho was tired of people stealing his style and his pointedness, specifically CM Punk.

All that was needed was for Jericho to come out and interfere Punk's match with Ziggler and cut a promo on him. Or even come out and just air his gripes with wrestlers and wrestling in general. This should have been about Jericho's quest to beat Punk at Mania for the strap and to reclaim his Best in the World title.

But it seems WWE may have gotten a little too smart with this one. It's an honest attempt to give the return greater meaning, but I think they are driving a mile just to go a block.

Nothing went as promised. This should have been a much bigger return than it was. Jericho spend all that time deflecting his WWE return (what happened to coming back with a fresh act) just to return to TV seeming less than the hype.

WWE may turn this into gold and one of the greatest angles ever. But with WWE's track record I am not counting on it and thus, they may have turned the greatest build up for a return ever into the worst. Do you understand?

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